Monday, November 30, 2015

The good news is that Leslie and Amauri got baptized!

Well now. This week important things happened.

First the bad is that with the Garcia Family, which is the family of Veronica.  For whatever reason unknown to me they are super cold now, like there is a problem there and I can
't see it. But they went from one week going to church and meetings and activities and such to now saying they are too busy to even see us in their house. Soooo updates on that this week.

 The good news is that Leslie and Amauri got baptized! AND their mom worked things out with her husband and he drives everyone to church now and we hope to see progress in the parents now. We could tell they enjoyed themselves at church.
In church we had 2 grand blessings. One was a returned missionary brought FIVE investigatores to church..three seperate families. And even though the brother is in another ward one of the families lives in our area so we should have the opportuntity to teach them tomorrow. And also the wife and daughter of a new convert came to church so i hope we can also work with them
Thanksgiving was fabulous. Fabulously uneventful haha. The day after i went to the area of the zone leaders and another returned missionary who is from Georgia but married and lives here now, served us his Thanksgiving leftovers which was great. And today some elders in the zone offered us a piece of pumpkin pie they recieved from a sister so we had our Thanksgiving just a little later than normal. I missed everyone though glad to hear you all could enjoy the day!
Anyway that was the week. It is cold as..something really cold here now sooo until April - ugh haha!

Elder Smith

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