Monday, November 9, 2015

... Saturday was the best baptismal service I think I have ever been in.

So this week was fast to start off with. To be honest, I don't remember much of what we did in the beginning. But the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday flew by with stress, excitement, hope, and finally triumph.

Well the Hernadez family finally left the things they needed to and started to read and fufill their commitments so we planned the baptism service. There is just so much work and preparation that goes into bringing people to the waters of baptism. Part of Friday and all of Saturday we were focused on this family. Partly because the youngest daughter required a lot of explaining about things she didn't fully comprehend yet. Luckily they all understood most of what we were explaining.

And Saturday was the best baptismal service I think I have ever been in. We started 10 miutes late..but had 3 great talks given. One by the 1st counsolor in the bishopric was especially powerful. Also, we had the Prado family, another family we are teaching, attend that service which was a blessing. So by this moment the sisters were quite emotional and us too, really. So that is why they don't look very happy in the picture haha because they are crying. And then the ordanice happened perfectly and we had some food prepared afterwards. Great day. Then Sunday they were confirmed and that was also a great experience. I got to confirm 2 of them and the bishop confirmed another.

Really they have changed their lives a lot and have a lot of ´´ganas´´ as we call them here, to keep going in the church and such. So we were excited for them and the best decision they have made in their lives, until today. I love the work. I love the Lord for letting us play such a microscopic part in His work.

We had changes..Elder Berry from Alpine Utah will be my companion. Updates on how that goes next week!

Thanks all for your loving remarks and well-wishes!

Elder Smith

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