Monday, September 21, 2015

My father requested a letter for the youth in our ward.

Letter to the Youth
Depending on your age and your circumstance, you probably have a different understanding for what a mission is. For example, I had about a 5% idea of what a mission was going to be like, because I had seen a few episodes of the district. The principle reasons that I left everything to serve a mission were:

  • Wanting to be obedient. 
  • Support from my family. 
The obedience is important. The current prophet has affirmed that it is a responsibility of all worthy and able priest holders to serve a mission. That is a statement from God to the only man authorized to have all the keys of the priesthood here on the earth. Do not take it lightly, because there is no excuse for faulting missionary service unless you are phsically unable. The second reason was that support from family and friends. For those without that support from parents, there is a bishop, young mens presidency, and quorom advisers that are willing to help you in any way to go on a mission. Because they know what's at stake; Salvation, Eternal happiness, and Eternal life. I am so convinced that a mission is the fastest way to gain an unbreakable conviction and powerful testimony in the Lord Jesus Christ and of His church. When you dedicate your life to it, you change in a way that wouldnt otherwise be possible if you were at home with the millions of distractions and temptations. A mission is more satisfying than anything I have ever done in my life. I know that God has given me everything and if I would have stayed home I would have been turning my back on Him, the source of those blessings.

There are hundreds of reasons to serve a mission, and no excuse to miss it. This is the opportunity to assure your happiness here on the earth. There isn't a better way, and probably not another way, to learn and grow as spirtually as you do on a mission.  The atonement is something we must use everyday or we won't be able to become like Him. If you currently are not worthy, get worthy now, don't wait. If you have doubts or lack the faith right now, lean on my testimony, your teachers, your bishops. Most of all trust in God, He provides the way to fufill his commandments. And be not confused. Serving an honorable full time mission is just that, for every able and worthy young man. You can't exclude yourself. Let that motivate you and i promise you will see the ´´whys´´ very soon. It is for the everlasting blessings.

I am not in the room with you as you read this but if I were I could look each one of you in the eye and testify that I know that God is our Eternal Father, and that His son Jesus Christ is our Savior and Master and only through his merits are we saved. Under condition to repentence and obedience to his commandments. But the sweetest part of testifying that is that I can and will do it genuinely, truthfully meaning every single word. God loves each one of you. Show him that you love Him too by doing all the things you should now to prepare yourself for the rest of life and fortify yourself against the evil of this world. Do so, and i promise you, you will never regret it. Never.  I feel so much love for all God's children now and I write this to you while serving a mission to maybe help you understand how great and important it is to serve.
May God bless you.  
Elder Garrett Smith

Monday, September 14, 2015

We were blessed with baptizing two children. Also we saw the rededication of the Mexico City Mexico Temple. Elder Holland and President Erying.

Well another week has come and gone. This being the Monday before my one year completion, I feel very grateful for a year full of spiritual growth and recognition of thousands of things I didn't understand a year ago. I can easily say I have never had a year so crucial in my life, or one of such exponential growth. Through it all the Lord has been there always, and as I look back it becomes even more clear to me why I am really out here. 
As far as the week, we were blessed with baptizing the two children of an investigator Saturday. The baptismal service was beautiful, and for kids they were super enjoyable to teach and baptize, they have great desires to serve and be better people. As far as their mother..she two would be baptized if she wasn't in an extremely difficult living situation with the father of her children. I will spare the details, just that I hope she, too, can join her children in the covenant with God very soon.
We had a change in the house and Elder Cruz is now in the district! The guy is 22 and weighs like 90 pounds It is so much fun to lift him on my shoulders and carry him around haha!.
In church..we didn't have normal church. Instead we got the opportunity to see the rededication of the Mexico City Mexico Temple. It is a huge deal for this country because as most of you probably don't know, Mexico is like the second most strong country in the Church behind The USA. Like they had Mormon colonies and martyrs and the whole bunch. Anyway Saturday we got to watch the cultural presentation which was SOOOO enjoyable. I forgot how awesome plays are. It was so cool for real..and Sunday we got to see 2 of the 3 sessions of the rededication. Elder Holland and President Erying were there to give talks and dedicate it. I enjoyed this week a lot to be honest. It has me super pumped for General Conference! But the way Elder Holland talked about the importance of Temple work..goodness, he knows how to excite people! Anyway i will leave it at that. Love you all!

Monday, September 7, 2015

This week was full of great highs and tough lows.

First the pictures with friends are from a meeting we had in Reynosa Thursday. We were there practically all day..and the incapacitation is worth getting to see all of the Elders that I love - haha!
This week we saw changes. In the house two Elders left and my new companion is Elder Funez! From...Honduras!  There are 4 elders from Honduras in this mission, and I have now been with two of them! I love it though, because it gives me a chance to see the differences in culture from other countries. He might just be one of the best companions i have had. Super great in every aspect. He is a convert of 6 years.  His family isn't very active, but he spent a lot of time in church with his branch president and his family. 

Every time I see a young man or woman in church without their family, it reminds me of how MUCH they need support from other adults. My companion is now on the mission because of his church leader and his life will be a million times better for it!  What a blessing for such a small sacrifice on the part of his branch president!!

One thing that is hard is that my companion's family doesn't really write him. He claims it doesn't affect him.  but i know better. It made me undescribly grateful for this first year, for all the loved ones I have that always without fail write me. Their dedicated support and love is something i won't ever forget! I cherish each family member and friend :)
As far as lessons and investigators and was a low, loooow numbers week..but we were once again saved by having our family of 3 come to church for the second time. The mom's name is Santa, plus her 14 year old son Luis, and daughter of 8 (almost nine).  They liked church alot, especially Luis.  This time was way better!

I also got to realize what a blessing it is that I grew up in a condition with the ability to learn to play the piano. I have been playing in this ward ever since I got here..the hymns and prelude music.  And Luis loves the piano! After the church services we go sit at the piano and play and listen and learn. It really is a blessing to have been given the gift, which is 100% from my mother! Love you mom! :D

We also have other investigators that should be in pictures wearing white with us soon. Stay tuned...

Elder Smith