Monday, September 14, 2015

We were blessed with baptizing two children. Also we saw the rededication of the Mexico City Mexico Temple. Elder Holland and President Erying.

Well another week has come and gone. This being the Monday before my one year completion, I feel very grateful for a year full of spiritual growth and recognition of thousands of things I didn't understand a year ago. I can easily say I have never had a year so crucial in my life, or one of such exponential growth. Through it all the Lord has been there always, and as I look back it becomes even more clear to me why I am really out here. 
As far as the week, we were blessed with baptizing the two children of an investigator Saturday. The baptismal service was beautiful, and for kids they were super enjoyable to teach and baptize, they have great desires to serve and be better people. As far as their mother..she two would be baptized if she wasn't in an extremely difficult living situation with the father of her children. I will spare the details, just that I hope she, too, can join her children in the covenant with God very soon.
We had a change in the house and Elder Cruz is now in the district! The guy is 22 and weighs like 90 pounds It is so much fun to lift him on my shoulders and carry him around haha!.
In church..we didn't have normal church. Instead we got the opportunity to see the rededication of the Mexico City Mexico Temple. It is a huge deal for this country because as most of you probably don't know, Mexico is like the second most strong country in the Church behind The USA. Like they had Mormon colonies and martyrs and the whole bunch. Anyway Saturday we got to watch the cultural presentation which was SOOOO enjoyable. I forgot how awesome plays are. It was so cool for real..and Sunday we got to see 2 of the 3 sessions of the rededication. Elder Holland and President Erying were there to give talks and dedicate it. I enjoyed this week a lot to be honest. It has me super pumped for General Conference! But the way Elder Holland talked about the importance of Temple work..goodness, he knows how to excite people! Anyway i will leave it at that. Love you all!

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