Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Real results and blessings

A truly special week we had. From all the things we improved... we were able to see some real results and blessings. Sunday came and we had 3 investigators at church. One was an elderly lady who we actually plan on baptizing this week. We need some serious Godly help to assist us in accomplishing that though. She is quite old and is in a wheel chair. Also her care taker came.
And this kid we met came.  His name is Ivan and he is super great.  His family is great to,  although they couldn't make it Sunday.  But he is begining to know the church and we had a great time sunday. People going to church is like the key to baptizing because they can't get baptized if they don't go to church three times. So it was a real blessing and our hope and faith is surging right now as we look to the nest month of June.

Also Elder Howard moved into our house... an elder I knew well before so the house is fun now too.

All in all a wonderful week... as we approach the summer...

Elder Smith

Monday, May 18, 2015

Stake conference and a hair cut

What a wonderful week. We started off well tuesday and kept it going until the end of the week. My comp and i made various changes in the way that we planned and worked..and we are seeing some significant improvements.

Unfortunately, it was stake conference and while it was a great conference and a 70 was there and it was cool and all...we weren't able to bring anyone to to other side of town to the stake center. This week we have high expectations.

As far as stories..heres one...
So my sister Jamie and her family were kind enough to gift me the thing tat you cut har with(what is that called? haha) and it has been a blessing since i recieved it. 
Now. In our new house there is only one tiny mirror in the bedrooom..without a plug to reach the mirrior. Sooooo i had an interview with prez and my hair was LONG i had to cut it. But, without a mirror i chose to trust in my companion to cut it. He said he had no experience whatsoever but i had no choice. So he does it and i go to the mirror ever so often to check it. We finish and so i tell him to take off the gaurd to edge the neckline..he does obediently. So then i go to the mirror and notice he missed a spot in the back. So i come back to where we are cutting(other room) and tell him where to cut. 

And that was when i heard it...the sound of hair bein cut wayyyyyy louder than it should have been. I realized it before my comp and just knew what he did. They say a picture tells the story..the picture will be attached because he didnt put the #2 gaurd back on and just buzzed my head.  So yeah i am having to explain this story to about everyone and when i walk away from president and others of authority i back up until the door without turning around.

But the truth is its not that bad it was and is quite funny. My companion isnt really the most observant person in the world i should have made sure hahaha 

We got to go to a friend of a member and share the message of the restarationn with their family. It was a great family and lesson...AND they own this seafood restaurant in town and invited us to come back the next day to eat. We did and it was really good. Crab soup with vegetables and fish and salsa and other vegetables. Super cool and then we got to teach them in their business.

Later that day though..a small hurricane came through and it was just nuts. We used coutless plastic bags to protect our scriptures and had to trudge through town to get to appointments. It was cool though, here drainage doesnt really happen so the whole city floods. And there was a TON of water. Super fun for real i actually enjoyed it it was refreshing. Then we got home and in our THRID FLOOR APARTMENT the main room flooded somehow..luckily we had nothing get ruined or even really wet..just a little mopping and pushing water out of the house.

All and all..a wonderful week. All smiles here looking forward to an amazing week and a brighter future!

Elder Smith

Monday, May 11, 2015

A change in me

An interesting week with twists and turns.

Firstly as far as invstigators we are struggling. All the people that were progressing have like left town or have challenges with commandments. AND finding people right now is seemingly difficult. Which just means we work harder and find different things to do.

And the week finished a nice break from work and the blessing of being able to call home. And oh how great it was, that on mothers day i could see and be with my family that loves and supports me, and my own mother who is always there for me.

We have stake conference this week and President Morales is speaking..which should be cool he should give the members a good ole reminder of the missionary work importance.

I got to run for the first time in 7 months this past monday, my legs were super sore from running just a litttttle bit haha how pathetic.

I have been reading a book called the using(or calling) powers of heaven and it talks a lot about the power of collective faith..how when we support each other together we can increase our faith and recieve more of the blessings that we ask for in righteousness. That is something that as a mission we need, a lot of focus on the collective faith..prayers and service from home really does help us i testify that it does.

Well that about wraps up the week. Something super great is my own spirtual and testimonial progression has allowed me to develop a strong sense of faith and firm testimony. I cant begin to describe the importance of the mission, not just to serve others but to help yourself. I cant see how i would have these changes in me if i were home with distractions and other things going on in life. And we always talk about the blessings of missionary service, i am convinced that a larg part of the blessings is the knowledge and development that the missionary experiences that bring eternal blessings in the future. The stroger desire i have and am developing to be righteous is something that will certianly bless my life in the future, and certianly it came only from the mission. 

I suggest all those that can go..to go.

Enjoy your weeks!

Elder Smith

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mayo ha llegado

Firstly, we think we should all learn spanish it's a pretty sweet language and really learning it is not nearly as bad nor hard as i anticipated. Granite i am still a scrub compared to natives.
It seems i haven't written much recently. To fill the reader in..i got swapped to the most downtown part of Reynosa..which has its perks and challenges. The perks being we are super close to the leaders and know what goes on and what is going to happen. The challenges being that its a busy city. And also that our ward and building were made in the early 1980s so expansion is quite difficult as far as the people in the ward. Because everything has originated and spread out from this middle first ward. So the people that wanted to go to the church have, for the most part, been invited or converted.
As far as the first 3 weeks here. My companion is Elder Hernandez. He is from Honduras, likes video games, animate programs, and sandwiches. He is a good missionary though he is a profesional kind of person very easy going. He is never bothered..never haha
We have worked a lot to find people..
and have found people but all have problems getting to church or something happens. Like this one guy we brought to church 2 sundays ago. The guy is suuuuper addicted to smoking and alcohol. Like he hasnt drunk water in years because he hates the taste. We get to talkin to him and he comes to church and loves it and feels good and starts to really feel the desire to change his life. We are like awesome he stops the drugs and goes to church and prepares himself for baptism. Uuuuuuntil this happens. 
Last saturday he tells us that his family(Who he doesnt like) will cut his part of a pension that they recieve from his fathers work(dad is dead) if he gets baptized. And this is an older guy that has NO work and lives in a shack with only his part of the pension to live off of. And he tells us i want to keep going to church and i want you guys to visit me still..but i cant get baptized. UGH well we try explaining all the things to him trust in God do what the holy ghost says all of it. Not sure if he gets it yet but my hopes are still with him. 
Other than that the only real golden opprutunity that we have is this family that watched "meet the mormons" and loved it. They are unlike any other family i have met. 4 kids and they all are great and the parents focus on the family and family time and values..its great i just hope they are prepared for the gospel.
We are moving from our house to live with two other missionaries that share our area. It should be fun to live with 4 people again..but moving shouldnt be too fun. 
Food is really good here. Election campaigns have started here its hilarious you see the face of these candidates that have payed businesses to advertise their face all over the city. What makes me laugh even more is if you ask the average Mexican who they are going to vote for..they just say "Vote? Yeah it doesn't matter what i write the people don't decide the winners".  Be grateful for the partial justice that the politics has in the U.S.
Spring allergies MURDERED me these past weeks. i felt bad splitting the cost of tissues with my comp because yeah i use like 90% of it all. Now i pay for them haha. But it have pretty much gone away for now.
A lot of elders have gotten sick these past weeks..i feel very blessed to have my health..because working and being sick sticks.

That'll be all for now i think..hug your mother this sunday!

Elder Smith