Monday, May 11, 2015

A change in me

An interesting week with twists and turns.

Firstly as far as invstigators we are struggling. All the people that were progressing have like left town or have challenges with commandments. AND finding people right now is seemingly difficult. Which just means we work harder and find different things to do.

And the week finished a nice break from work and the blessing of being able to call home. And oh how great it was, that on mothers day i could see and be with my family that loves and supports me, and my own mother who is always there for me.

We have stake conference this week and President Morales is speaking..which should be cool he should give the members a good ole reminder of the missionary work importance.

I got to run for the first time in 7 months this past monday, my legs were super sore from running just a litttttle bit haha how pathetic.

I have been reading a book called the using(or calling) powers of heaven and it talks a lot about the power of collective when we support each other together we can increase our faith and recieve more of the blessings that we ask for in righteousness. That is something that as a mission we need, a lot of focus on the collective faith..prayers and service from home really does help us i testify that it does.

Well that about wraps up the week. Something super great is my own spirtual and testimonial progression has allowed me to develop a strong sense of faith and firm testimony. I cant begin to describe the importance of the mission, not just to serve others but to help yourself. I cant see how i would have these changes in me if i were home with distractions and other things going on in life. And we always talk about the blessings of missionary service, i am convinced that a larg part of the blessings is the knowledge and development that the missionary experiences that bring eternal blessings in the future. The stroger desire i have and am developing to be righteous is something that will certianly bless my life in the future, and certianly it came only from the mission. 

I suggest all those that can go.

Enjoy your weeks!

Elder Smith

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