Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Real results and blessings

A truly special week we had. From all the things we improved... we were able to see some real results and blessings. Sunday came and we had 3 investigators at church. One was an elderly lady who we actually plan on baptizing this week. We need some serious Godly help to assist us in accomplishing that though. She is quite old and is in a wheel chair. Also her care taker came.
And this kid we met came.  His name is Ivan and he is super great.  His family is great to,  although they couldn't make it Sunday.  But he is begining to know the church and we had a great time sunday. People going to church is like the key to baptizing because they can't get baptized if they don't go to church three times. So it was a real blessing and our hope and faith is surging right now as we look to the nest month of June.

Also Elder Howard moved into our house... an elder I knew well before so the house is fun now too.

All in all a wonderful week... as we approach the summer...

Elder Smith

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