Monday, May 18, 2015

Stake conference and a hair cut

What a wonderful week. We started off well tuesday and kept it going until the end of the week. My comp and i made various changes in the way that we planned and worked..and we are seeing some significant improvements.

Unfortunately, it was stake conference and while it was a great conference and a 70 was there and it was cool and all...we weren't able to bring anyone to to other side of town to the stake center. This week we have high expectations.

As far as stories..heres one...
So my sister Jamie and her family were kind enough to gift me the thing tat you cut har with(what is that called? haha) and it has been a blessing since i recieved it. 
Now. In our new house there is only one tiny mirror in the bedrooom..without a plug to reach the mirrior. Sooooo i had an interview with prez and my hair was LONG i had to cut it. But, without a mirror i chose to trust in my companion to cut it. He said he had no experience whatsoever but i had no choice. So he does it and i go to the mirror ever so often to check it. We finish and so i tell him to take off the gaurd to edge the neckline..he does obediently. So then i go to the mirror and notice he missed a spot in the back. So i come back to where we are cutting(other room) and tell him where to cut. 

And that was when i heard it...the sound of hair bein cut wayyyyyy louder than it should have been. I realized it before my comp and just knew what he did. They say a picture tells the story..the picture will be attached because he didnt put the #2 gaurd back on and just buzzed my head.  So yeah i am having to explain this story to about everyone and when i walk away from president and others of authority i back up until the door without turning around.

But the truth is its not that bad it was and is quite funny. My companion isnt really the most observant person in the world i should have made sure hahaha 

We got to go to a friend of a member and share the message of the restarationn with their family. It was a great family and lesson...AND they own this seafood restaurant in town and invited us to come back the next day to eat. We did and it was really good. Crab soup with vegetables and fish and salsa and other vegetables. Super cool and then we got to teach them in their business.

Later that day though..a small hurricane came through and it was just nuts. We used coutless plastic bags to protect our scriptures and had to trudge through town to get to appointments. It was cool though, here drainage doesnt really happen so the whole city floods. And there was a TON of water. Super fun for real i actually enjoyed it it was refreshing. Then we got home and in our THRID FLOOR APARTMENT the main room flooded somehow..luckily we had nothing get ruined or even really wet..just a little mopping and pushing water out of the house.

All and all..a wonderful week. All smiles here looking forward to an amazing week and a brighter future!

Elder Smith

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