Monday, July 27, 2015

The family Zaleta Garza is all the talk here in our area.

We had a wonderful week for sure.

The family Zaleta Garza is all the talk here in our area. It is a family of 6. I can't remember if I talked about them already but here I go. The family is comprised of the mom, 16 year old, 12, and 11 girls. 8, 7, and 5 year old boys. They are just such great people. The mom invited us over to eat dinner and they are all excitied and reading and love being with us. 
Such a blessed experience. But the best part was Friday when they all came to a ward activity, and then Sunday when they arrived at the church. There is nothing right now that impedes them getting baptized after this Sunday. The ward is still growing in stregth and assistance. We are loving the time here and together as missionaries. We are understanding more and more everyday as to why we were sent here.

Nothing too different around here. We all ran out of money we grew closer together the 4 of us in the apartment by being poor. Sooooo many things you take for granted when not on the mission. Members that buy stuff and take missionaries to do cool stuff and work with us don't understand how awesome it really is, I believe haha.

Tomorrow we have a mission activity for the second birthday of the mission. I am looking forward to free breakfast haha.

We are moving into August i am super excited for this month. Should bring changes and great memories :)

Love to all have a great week!

Elder Smith

Monday, July 20, 2015

This week the family charles de la cruz were baptized.

Well I didn't write last week so i think i will tell the story of David (picture last week of baptism).

He is the brother of someone in our ward who just appeared outta nowhere. He is so cool it is unbelievable. Everything we taught him he listen and wanted to learn more. We met him that sunday..tuesday we taught him..and then friday we were teaching him and then decided to talk about baptism, and then decided to invite him to be baptized the follow day..which of course he accpted. And he was so ready with all the commandments it was such a blessing. He got to the baptism on time and everything..AND my companion finally got to have his first baptism (physically in the water) for the mission. Sunday came and David doesn't come for the confirmation and i call him like 20 minutes into the sacrament meeting and tell him like..where are you! He says he is in his house and i am like why you need to get here to be confirmed now! So he hurries up and rushes to the church just in time to be confirmed. Everything went great. This last sunday he was ordained to the office of priest. 

This week the family charles de la cruz were baptized. I do not have pictures because i recently purchased a new memory card. They are a family of 6..but only the mom and 3 kids got baptized..this week the hope is that the dad and oldest brother do it. We have got another great family in teaching right now that should show up in the white for the pictures i send in a couple weeks.

All is great in Reynosa. The heat is not unbearable..the house i live in is great..the missionaries are better. I am healthy, happy, and only 10 days away from august :)

Love to all the friends and family at the house! This next week i promise pictures!

Elder Smith