Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday is P day so blog post update by Tuesdays

I get to teach a little more because i know a little more about the lessons. This week was pretty good. We got a ton of references last sunday from going to like every class and begging for them practically. I was suprised at how many the ward provided us with so that was great!
Yesterday we commited this awesome man named Andres to get married and get baptized friday. Which is awesome. Our zone is doing great too i think we are arounhd 20 baptisms this month which is good for this mission i believe. 
That one family where the homeless jew taught dropped us. We had an awesome experience with their 20 year old son and he was going to give us a ride to church and everything and we went and they were just like noooope we decided on a diferent church. 
It is so cold here haha like cold without sufficient heat or innsulation(spelling?). And this house is supposedly one of the best so i have that to look forward to haha. But this week was really good we have new investigators and the family we baptized to sabados ago is still in progression. 
Some things that i learned this week...
I am going to have to live without peanut butter or money one of the two
As a friend of mine said ¨Every taxi ride is an experience close to death¨ Seriously though i would never EVER take these things if i didnt believe that God was watching out for me. We were driving to the offices this week and i am in the back seat right. My companion sees a bee in the taxi. And then we look back and HOLY COW there was a bee hive with like 15 bees!!! We just like held on to each other and tried not to move and then finally pulled over the taxi and the driver is just like pshhh americans(not really) and starts to guide the bees out with his bare hands
A free haircut is usually free for a reason, the girl today, it HAD to be her first time ever they were training her and she was learning indeed haha.
I hate when people point at me and say something in spanish and then laugh.
Even missionaries get competitve in soccer.  Dont bring your little 10 year olds to play soccer with the missionaries...
Even missionaries that have been out for a year and a half are not perfect.
I learn well with flash cards. I need more flashcards.
Lukewarm showers, not fun!
Some people dont believe in controlling their children..or hyegine. We were at this members home and her 6 year old kid comes and slams his face into the cake we were about to eat. And it was like nawww thats chill we just gonna serve you this cake eat around the kids facial imprint or something.
I miss my mothers muffins and much much more.

Oh. I wake up in the mornings and can see my breath when I breathe. First time for that haha.
And I still love it here i love the work and my companions and everything. The weather is great except for 6 30 in the morning.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 2 in the field - First Baptism

Week 2 in the field. And wow what a week it was.
We had some really great experiences this week. And as the scriptures say there must be opposition in all things. 
This week has been grand. The first few days were just the usual, teaching lessons, talking to people, studies, and sleep. But right about thursday, things started to get interesting.
First...the weather. The begining of the week was like 90s and hot. Wednesday it got cloudy and rained. And it rained NONSTOP every minute until saturday. And it was like 50 degrees plus ice cold rain. Even the rain taste like acid or something mexico just aint that clean haha. But... I loved it. It was awesome i got to wear my scarf and jacket and walking around was so much better. According to my trainers, December to about April is freezing here. They are from Utah and they say here it is a different kind of cold. And then the summer is the worst. But hey, now i have things to look forward to haha.

Thursday and Friday we spent like half of both days trying to get this couple married. It is the biggest obstacle because no one gets married here. I mean like no one. It cost money for a marriage and is very very expensive to legalize a divorce. So we go down into the city for hours and hours to take this family through everything, so they can be baptized saturday. They have two boys, one of which is over age 8. My companions wanted this so bad, the ward can only cover so much of a marriage, and this family has no money for anything other than food, and sometimes they don´t even have that. So my companions like paid 20 american bucks of their own cash to get some medical tests done. One of my companions had his parents pay for it now that i think about it.  So Saturday comes and we have three people getting baptized, plus 2 more from two other elders. I got to baptize the dad, and also ask him about 100 times how to say his name. It was rough. But it was an awesome experience. 10/10 would do again. Haha.

And then saturday night...
So there is this family that we have been teaching. Familia Rangel. And the mom and kids like really want to know about God and everything. But...they never read or do or pray about what we tell them to. And their dad is always kinda hostile to us. And Saturday we found out why.
We walk in at like 9 oclock at night just to say hi and set an appointment for the following day. And we see this man writing on a whiteboard on their kitchen table. doesn´t describe him as well as hobo-esque. This guy, we find out later, is in fact some random hobo that has been to Jerusalem and converted to judaism. And this man has been teaching the father, who is the only one that believes it i believe, and his wife. He is absolutely homeless, and like they feed him dinner and take him in for the evening and he teaches them.  So...we get there and try to introduce ourselves and shake his hand. He refuses and mocks the name Jesus Christ on our badges. My companions tell him that his accent/spanish is impossible to understand. He starts trying to explain to us about how Jesus Christ and the cross somehow go into an equation and equal 666. We bring out the Book of Mormon and show him a scripture. He says that book is of the devil. We testify to the family of its truthfulness. I tell the family in my beginner spanish that i do not feel the spirit in the room or with this man. He freaks the freak out and starts yelling hebrew gibbirish and calling us el Diablo(devil). He starts to get in our faces and is spitting on our faces and yelling in this weird hebrew tone you might know the type. So we tell the parents that our message is about families and that their family deserves more than this(he is still yelling at us). We shake the shocked familys' hands and walk out with him following us to the door. Yanks the door out of my companion´s hand and slams it behind us.
So that is the watered down version, but we were quite upset afterwards, and he haven't been to the family´s house since. I will keep ya posted.

There´s the week. Everything is going wonderful I love it here i love my work and I love you all.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and I hope you all are happy, healthy, and loving each other!