Monday, November 23, 2015

...doing baptismal interviews, interchanges, Reynosa, doctors office, hospital, activities, or the church.

This week was seriously nuts. Like i have had crazy weeks in the mission before, but this week by far overcomes all others. First of all, we worked in our area for only one day, and half the day at that. 

The other days we were doing baptismal interviews, interchanges, Reynosa, doctors office, hospital, activities, or the church.
 So first was Tuesday where the APs basically presented the newer plan for the mission. We are so close to completing our goals for the year, but December is a hard month. So for November we are just moving so fast. It is fun and makes the time fly by. Wednesday I don't remember what happened.

 Then Thursday... so Elder Cruz who lived in the house with us (small guy that fit through the window last week) started to want sugar and started to have like weird spacing out periods. So after the food, he went to the hospital where they checked his heart beat and discovered it was irregular.  To make the story short..that same day they operated on him and put a pacemaker in (or by) bis heart. He is like 22 I think. Poor guy. So this week he is in another house and is in bed for 10 days.  The blessing is that he doesn't have to go home for now. He got to talk to his mom on the phone after the operation, which was nice. But it was nuts. And later my companion had to go to have his toenail taken out and couldn't walk for 4 days. So we were struggling to do all the things we needed with less people. The good thing is that this week I have my companion.  Elder Cruz is okay, and we still have one more week in November to do our work.

We have like 5 of us elders now with families in the Utah Valley right now.  And one of them is Mexican.  But his mom got married (while he was here on the mission) to an american from utah haha so now he lives in West Jordan. He has no idea where they live there. His name is Moreno and he is a ZL.
Thanksgiving will be a special time to think about all our blessings. Personally I am grateful for the Plan of Salvation which gives us the hope of something way, way better if we pay the price here. 
I am thankful that God had the mercy to put us in families and that He let me be included in my own family. I am grateful to call friends some of the best people I know. I am grateful for the mission and the bright future which it provides me. I am most grateful for my mother and father, who have made me into the little that I am!  And I hope you all enjoy the turkey, rolls, and yams.  And the pumpkin pie. Oooo that pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving - I hope you enjoy it!  It is a great holiday and you don't realize how awesome until you don't have it.
Take care all,
Elder Smith

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