Monday, November 2, 2015

We found two new families that have real potential.

So this week was fairly different. First was Friday. Friday we were with the President here in Matamoros and a freak lightening storm came and for four hours it rained hard. It was funny - 
Sister Morales would be telling us something and then it would thunder loudly and she would be like..hey listen to that He is telling you to do this or stop doing this... haha - it was funny.
Anyway, it stopped raining at about 2 oclock. BUT the rain flooded EVERYTHING like no other. Various people told us it was the most rain or water really that the city has had in like forever. Everyone's house flooded practically. 
And we were stuck in our second story apartment (blessing haha) all day. So for that reason there are pictures of us chilling in the day time. After that we had the challenge of navigating through the city Saturday which wasn't too hard, until nightfall when all the local businesses of the city started to give out candy and things for Halloween.
This week we also found some magical shower head that uses electricity to heat up water as it spits it out. I was a skeptic..but a companion set it up and it WORKS which is amazing. it was the first hot normal shower since..well really since this time last year in my first area.
Professional Mexican basketball was on the TV in the barber shops today. it was so awful haha. The barber used a hand blade to trim my hair with shaving cream and all, so that was pretty cool. My hair was way long so I had to go to a barber shop instead of doing it in the house :/

And the work goes on.
we found two new families that have real potential. This week we have to work with the members to get them to go to church. So thanks for all your prayers on our behalf! We really do feel them.

Love to all,

Elder Smith

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