Monday, November 16, 2015

Well this week i received Elder Berry from Alpine, Utah. There are fun things about American companions and fun things about Latinos. But with Americans there's like a real chance of seeing them afterwards so you can grow closer to them I feel like. Anyway Elder Berry has a lot of energy..we don't have like everything in common but it doesn't affect anything. I am enjoying the time with Elder Berry. 

We got locked out of our apartment because the other companionship lost their keys and I left mine in the house. And the owners don't have a key of any kind and were less than willing to help us out with finding a locksmith or something. BUT we go up and see the window is open. Now in mexico or here at least as you can see the windows all have metal bars around them for protection. And my companions always leave the window open and i always was bothered by it in the case of rain or other things when we got home at night. And we see it and look at Elder Cruz who must be the smallest man in the mission and he is like..¨I think I can fit.¨ annnnnd he fit hahaha!  And i was soooo happy we didn't have to call and pay a locksmith. As you can also see the space between the bars is slightly larger than my badge. So you can imagine the size of Elder Cruz. He is the one from a picture i sent a while ago of me sqatting with him on my shoulders.

We have a GREAT family right now that came to church and i am super pumped for them. More details to come later.

My birthday was an enjoyable Saturday. Saturdays are like the begining of weekends here. But it was a normal missionary felt awesome to open packages from my loving family :D and my family and friends have all wished me well for 20. One year older and wiser too! Well at least the "older" part haha.

We have been talking about deep doctrine in the food appointments with a brother that reads and knows a lot. It makes me go crazy with thinking sometimes...

As far as the week outside of that..i am just trying to take advantage of the time i still have in Matamoros. it won't be much longer. Christmas will be here so fast i think. Time goes faster in the year 2 of the mission for sure.

Love to all!

Elder Smith

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