Monday, December 7, 2015

"yeah Elder Smith you invited me to church and I came!"

Well many things happened in the week. Elder Cruz made a miraculous recovery and returned to work Monday. 
We were supposed to have the baptisms of Sister Corina and her daughter Melanie but things happened. Hopefully, we can get it done today. There was one change and Elder Cruz is going to Reynosa and we will have an Elder Peters in the house from Virginia. He is tall and white so this should be fun. 
We are now in the house 4 from Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Michigan. We practically make up the north south east and west haha!
So this week was mild we had the blessing and really gift of God as Brother Feliz Hernandez came to us. About 6 or 8 weeks ago my older companion and I contacted a man working outside of a house and we invited him to church. Time passed and 2 weeks ago he arrived to church. Now look we talk to and invite a lot, a LOT, of people to church and such so this guy was like "yeah Elder Smith you invited me to church and I came!" and I am thinking who is this guy I have never seen him in my life. But then (while I was pretending to remember) he mentioned where we met and everything was brought to me and I remembered. So this man, Felix, doesn't have a phone, and he lives (lives as in sleeps in a borrowed "house´") far away from church AND he wouldn't tell us where he lived which we supposed was due to shame. and all he has is a bycicle. So we do the only thing we can do and invite him to have a lesson in the church the following day. The next day we are waiting and he doesn't show up. After half an hour we go do some things and later pass by the church and there's Felix outside the church waiting for us. He explained that he was held up at work and apologized humbly. 
We were just psyched that he came. So we teach him and use some ideas and techniques to teach him in church every other day AND he had been prepared since last year for baptism!  He had before found a Book of Mormon in the garbage and he had left behind addictive habits last year so all we had to do was teach and he was super excited about his baptism. Anyways i love this guy..he bikes 45 minuted from his house to talk to us and read and learn and go to church. Super inspirational...someone that has so much humility and good desire in God´s eyes..but not much in the world´s. 

We are excited for Christmas... I hope everyone takes the opportunity to share the Gospel while the Christmas message is availble! Love to all!

Elder Smith

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