Monday, December 21, 2015

Ricardo and Monica Baptism. Genisis and Paula Baptism. The help from home...

Well another amazing week has passed by in Matamoros. At the beginning of the week we saw that time wasn't going to be on our side.. because Thursday all day we traveled to Reynosa and Friday we had our annual Christmas party thing. 
 So we were thinking about Ricardo and Monica, two investigators, and we decided it would be better to invite them to move their baptism up to Wednesday, the following day. And with the help of a super great member named brother Rincon..they accepted the idea completely. So we spent a good amount of time preparing a great service. 

Now, here is where we saw one of the many miracles in this experience. 
We had a challenge that always happens it seems. The boiler wasn't working.  The water heater was not working and Sister Monica had previously told us that she was like allergic to cold water or something. She hates the cold and even though i don't think she would've gotten sick or something, we did not want to risk her not wanting to get in cold water. With what else can you heat up water you ask?

And that is when Kristi, Michael, Jaimie and Danny come in to play. Weeks prior they read my complaints about having to bathe myself with ice-melt. And they sent me a water bucket heater. But not just like a cheap one. The thing has 1000 watt usage. So things clicked in my mind and the heater that I had recieved and opened just 5 days prior was placed in the baptismal font for 3 hours to make the baptism possible. We were so grtateful for that.
So they both get baptized and it was great..and then Sunday comes and afterward, their confirmation in priesthood, on the same Sunday. The bishopric ordains Ricardo (and Amaury, a convert from November) to the Aaronic Priesthood AND in the same sacrament meeting Ricardo is called to be the first counselor in the Young Men's presidency. So that was super special to see. I hope i can have the opportuntiy to see them sealed in the temple in a year as well :D. 
Baptisms of Genisis and Paula..i love that little girl that is next to me haha she had to get baptized in ice cold water and was shivering at the point of quitting and she pushed through it and did it!
We are enjoying success right now..and a lot of that has to do with finding big families with strong father figures and relying on the miracles of God.
My companion will turn 20 tomorrow.  We are gonna do something cool for him..and Christmas is coming so fast this week.  I will have the honor of seeing my family!

The Christmas party was enjoyable Friday. Mainly it was just fun to be with everyone..all the old MTC district. 
I hadn't seen some members for a long time. We hit piñatas (that mexican stereotype is spot on. 
We break piñatas in every event possible). We played musical chairs (very original..i know) and received gifts. I got a gorgeous new tie! 
Most of all the Reynosa Mexico Mission is having combined success for the year and in November. In November our tiny mission baptized the most out of not just Mexico..but all of America South and North.  I think the Africa missions somewhere were the highest. But on these continents..Reynosa knows what it is doing haha. And we are 165 mission areas, i believe. Apart from that..we made a convert goal of 1200 for the year of 2015..before the Christmas activity, so we were super pumped. I hope i am not sounding over confident or anything. I am just so grateful to be a part of a mission with a president as excellent as President Morales and missionaries as focused and dedicated as they are. I couldn't be happier anywhere else. I love it here. I am so happy to be a part of the fulfilling of prophecies, ancient and modern - preaching the gospel to these people.
That will be all for the week. I hope everyone enjoys Christmas as much as I am going to! And that we all remember the greatest gifts of the universe..the Lord Jesus Christ and the atonement he accomplished!

Elder Smith

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