Monday, December 14, 2015

Corina Hernandez and Melony, her daughter, made the decision to follow Jesus Christ and enter into the waters of baptism.

This week started out just fabulous. Like I had mentioned before, we had two baptisms fall through, but Monday we were able to recover them and Corina Hernandez and Melony, her daughter, made the decision to follow Jesus Christ and enter into the waters of baptism. It was a pleasure to be there with them. 
The week went by and we were in other areas a lot helping the other areas assure baptisms and other things and doing interviews. The work is so much more enjoyable when you are doing more than just looking for people to teach. I am so glad I am in my second year of the mission. I have learned so much.
So I wish I could sufficiently explain the story of the Santos family, but in this letter it sufficeth me to say (fancy talk haha ;)) that we had a wonderful example of faith and repentence shown to us by Brandon Santos who was animated to get baptized since the begining of our teaching. His family has grown so much closer and the best part of the whole baptismal service was his mom's beaming face as she took pictures of him in white and such. The church will be so good for him with all the YSA activities and conferences. I am super happy for him (he is 19). 
We had the opportunity to teach like 12 kids in a lesson this week..the soccer team of Amaury haha they were some great kids.  One is going to go to church this Sunday I believe. 

The best part about the Santos family is that the father did a 180 turn around, left behind past sins and is super excited together with his wife for baptism and church service. This Saturday will be their service. This month has been absoluetly miracle-filled. And what a way to celebrate Christmas. This week is a mission get-together thing. I cant wai to see everyone.  And the following week I will get to see my beloved family.
We also watched all 3 sessions of the temple dedication at Tijuana, Mexico. It was the closest I have felt to the temple in a long time. It literally is an extension of the temple. It requires a reccommend and all. And it was great. The Spirit newly testified to me that that place is the House of God. President Uctdorf and Elder Oaks were there and we saw the broadcast in the stake center and then afterwards the baptism. So Sunday was a day to remember.
Other than that, it is still hot. But no one whines because the cold is a comin' haha! Shoutout to my family, and other family (Nelsons jaja) for awesome gifts of Christmas treats and treasures! And to all, for your thoughts, hopes and service and prayers!!

Elder Smith

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