Monday, August 10, 2015

Transferred to Matamoros. Filling the font manually with buckets from a hose outside the church

Well it was hard to beat the last week in Reynosa, but the first week in Matamoros makes a good effort because my companion is GREAT just super helpful in lessons because he already is compatent and knows what to say to people. 

The house was just so disgusting when I got there. The fridge was a disgust, trash everywhere, dirt every where and I will save the description of the bathroom. So we spent a morning just cleaning and that made an improvement. Thursday we had a conference with the president and his wife. Then they took us out to eat at a chineese place which was super cool.

Abd then the weekend. I will be brief with details but basically we were teaching a family with the mom named Susana and her two kids. We helped her to be prepared baptized Saturday and she seemed ready to go. Friday we filled the font but Saturday when we got there 4 hours before the baptism service, the water wasn't there...

And font takes 6 hours(not an exageration) to fill.  So I was so super stressed. After praying and thinking a lot, I thought of filling the font manually with buckets from a hose outside the church, and we tried that and after seeing it was working we did it for four hours to fill it. 

Then we are on our way for the family and mom was sick and wanted to wait until next week. So we blessed her and promised blessing and testified and she finally joined us and we went and had a wonderful baptism service.
It's humid here, but not as humid as Houston haha i am well prepared for the heat.

It was such a great experience and I know the Lord did it, just glad I could be there to see it :)

Elder Smith

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