Monday, August 24, 2015

Baptizing Jorge Lopez

This week firstly the Lord blessed us with the opportunity of baptizing Jorge Lopez. His Mom was inactive practically and his father isn't a member (yet;)). But on his mom's side he has a grandpa that was a bishop and various aunts and cousins there to support him. It was a great experience. I learned how to figure out what impedes people from doing things when they won't tell you why. I had to try different methods because this kid in the past didn't want to get baptized and didn't want to when we first taught him either. But after searching i think his main fears were 

1: How long we hold you under water. And 
2: not knowing why we should follow Jesus Christ. 

I give serious credit to all who have refined their patience through working with children, because it is trying at times - haha.

Sunday we had a family of three come and love church. Also we had a less active family come for the second time in a row. The mom isn't a member.  Right now we are helping them get married so she can get baptized. Also there was a friend of the bishop's daughter (who knows english which is always fun to talk in english) and another brother who is from Dallas who is just such a golden investigator - he shines!

Of all the things that happen..the important things stick out to me most. The mission is the best decision a young adult can make. My wish is that everyone able does it. It isn't even a sacrifice for what we recieve in return of our efforts. For what little we do and accomplish, blessings are poured out abundently. The best part is the overcoming of one´s natural man and seeing desires more pure and that affects everything about one´s self.

Anyway that wraps it up! Love you all.  Enjoy the life God has given you!

Elder Smith

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