Monday, August 10, 2015

Letter from President Abelardo Morales Mendez to parents


Reynosa Tamaulipas México, 10 August  2015

Dear Smith Family:
I am pleased to communicate with you through this letter. I know the Lord is blessing your family through the service of your son as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
As president of the Reynosa Mexico Mission I am very happy and grateful for your son, Elder Smith. He has showed his devotion and love for the work until this point in the mission.
I felt inspired to call Elder Smith to a new assignment as District Leader. We know the Lord trusts him and has confidence in his willingness to do the Lord´s work.
Elder Smith needs to be an example with his new assignment and we will see his success as he leaves an impact on the lives of his investigators, companions, and in his own conversion.
I invite you to write him every week to encourage him to keep progressing and especially that he can develop more Christ like attributes.
I hope that everyone is well at home and that God will bless you to keep working in His work and being Disciples of Christ. I know that God blesses us when we are doing His service.


President Abelardo Morales Mendez

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