Monday, August 3, 2015

The greatest thing ever... (Before Transfer)

Well i will just start off by saying that the week was just full of normalness until Saturday. 
Then it turned into the greatest thing ever.
We will start off on Tuesday. So The Zaleta Garza family had a baptismal date for August 8 which is this Saturday. I was thinking about them, and  I just couldn't get over the fact that we had been teaching them so much and they were so ready to be baptized. Finally I talked with my companion, and he supported me in my effort to invite them the be baptized Sunday after the church services. 
We went to the appointment and invited and explained a few things and they accepted! So we started to get them ready for the baptism! We had to find clothes for all of them and then we had to get all the information filled out. Also to baptize minors it is required that we get a signature of consent from the parents, which sometimes takes convincing for them. But the Mom was good about it and we got it all prepared and everything. 

Then Saturday night we get a call with special transfers. And would't you know it, they change me to Matamoros  (a city a few hours away) for the following Tuesday (tomorrow)! So my first thought is 
``Thank goodness haha´´ because after this family we were a bit short on investigators, and I had pretty much tried everything with every member and colony in that area. Practically everyone was contacted. 

Then Sunday came and there are always nerves before the sacrament meeting starts. But I was even more anxious because i knew if they didn't come to that meeting they weren't going to be baptized until I was already gone. But the hand of the Lord was with us, and they got there. We took up a whole freaking bench with my comp and I, their family, and the sister and her two small children that come with us to some lessons.

So afterwards almost the whole ward stays and we have a terrific baptismal service (I got to baptize the little boy, and the second oldest daughter, who is the coolest haha) And then we broke the news that I was leaving and that was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I said goodbye to all the people I knew at church and visited a few other families during the day. Right now i have to go say goodbye to the Zaleta family which is gonna be no fun haha.

But i am just amazed that the Lord allowed me to be here and witness this family make a covenant binding themselves with him. The mother's baptism is Saturday which i will miss, but in a year the plan is to go with them to the temple to be sealed for eternity. The whole thing was another miracle.
Dad of the Charles de la Cruz family also got baptized

Lots of memories and hard goodbyes, but I am excited to start over again. Here we go again :D

Elder Smith

Old MTC district at a conference

Family that made my companion lasagna
Bros in the house

The Zaleta Garze family

Elder Howard and I, locked out of the apartment
Quick little story. My comp and i were cleaning the baptisamal font saturday before the fast and i knew i needed to drink more water. So i called the other companionship in our area that were on their way to the church and asked elder howard to buy me a bottle of water at a gas station and i would pay him back. He gets to the church with a `"surprise". 
He says he was going to but boring water, but then there was a place where they sell ice cream and he spent my 10 pesos on ice cream for me instead. i wanted water.

Haha but the ice cream was delicious. And it made me laugh.
What is this?
Eating hamburgers...

Sister from my first ward 

Other short little story. Saturday we were eating with the Charles family (AWESOME hamburgers) and then we went to the backyard where they had two pet rabbits. Naturally, I wanted a picture to send home, and wow what a mistake. Within 20 minutes my eyes started to itch like no other. 
Then, my companions started to freak out looking at me and started to call the president's wife (our doctor) so I looked in a mirror of a truck in the road and wow it was gross. My right eye, or the white part at least became so inflammed that it was like starting to puff itself over the iris (or the colored part). So we go to the hospital and get it checked out and he gave me drops and medicine. I was very impressed with the process though, very fast and effective. At the end of the evening it was a-okay.
Just another interesting part of the week. But it was hardly anything. Coolest part was they measured my height and weight in kilos and centimeters and people are ALWAYS asking that information from me and now I can say it without guessing - haha.

Front page of the paper yesterday (says that Matamoros is getting ``active´´(violent haha), along those) but the papers always exaggerate haha i just thought it was a funny picture. Everything is fine down here

Matamoros Mexico (in red on map) Transfer

Pillow a convert made me

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