Monday, May 2, 2016

MAY is here and this is the last complete month for President Morales!!

Hmmm where to begin. We spent this week basically looking for new families to teach. We did find some great people, but Sunday came and we had a change of pace. All the converts started to come back. Okay really just Martha. She had a few weeks of not attending church because of work, which is often our main problem here. I would say it is even worse than the problem that no one bothers to get married before starting a family. The work schedules are brutal here. There is work in Reynosa..but the pay is terrible and so the people work like 10 to 12 hours a day 6 days a week or sometimes 7. And a LOT of times the day off is like a tuesday. And it is almost impossible to change the schedules unless the person reeeeally wants to. So Martha finally got it together and came to church. This week we are going to try to work a miracle with her daughter Rosi, who wanted to get baptized but worked on Sundays. Now that her mom is back to attending we hope to help her family start to change as well.

Sunday night we ate dinner with Frida´s family. We also taught the Plan of Salvation and it was a great night. They made tacos, which were awesome and then homemade cake which is rare in Mexico. ALSO I used their oven to make blueberry muffins and other bran muffins that i had, and we enjoyed them as well. Frida is on fire. In the dinner she was talking about the Area Plan for Mexico and her goals with commandments and such.  And ever since her baptism she has been talking about how excited she is and how much she wants to serve a mission. She wants to work with the missionaries this week actually. Also, she wants to learn to play the piano so my companion and i will have the oportunity to give piano lessons for the first time in my mission.  Yes!! My companion is a musical machine.  He plays violin and I have heard him. He plays super good, and he loves the orchestra and likes piano, and singing and virtually everything with music. So he gets me excited for music and such.

We had an awesome Saturday.  The missionaries in the ward baptized two familes of 5 people in total! 

Hmm... what else?  MAY is here and this is the last complete month for President Morales!! He has done such an incredible job in his mission.  I feel so greatly blessed to be here with him.  I don't want him to go. This mission is brand new.  He opened it and it is currently the most successful mission in all of Mexico, according to the number of converts entering the Church. So in May the goal is 200 converts.  The closest we have ever gotten is 174 so we are going all out this month.  for the President!!!!


Elder Smith

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