Monday, May 23, 2016

What we as missionares struggle the most accomplishing is finding new people to teach.

This week was a busy one.

What we as missionares struggle the most accomplishing is finding new people to teach. That is why we are always asking references haha finding has got to be the most tricky and difficult part in the mission i feel like. it requires effeciency and diligence. But this week we had some great experiences finding.
 btw we bapized Fridas sister! To say that "we" baptized is inaccurate though. it was so awesome. So the bishop interviewed Frida and called her to be a ward missionary and in this ward the bishop is actually awesome. So Frida in a meeting found out that the ward has a trimester goal for baptisms that is 20. the first thing she asks is ´´Did i count for that goal?´´ and i was like ohhhh no she is gonna think we only saw her as a number but i responded, "yes" and she was like ´´Awesome!´´ 
So she talks with her sister that has not wanted to go the church much less be baptized and she starts to talk to her about baptism and such and she did it like a Book of Mormon prophet, haha, she explained to her sister that she was already living the commandments and why not get baptized. And her sister understood and decided that yes she wanted to hahaha.  Frida told us later that she was like oh! well than i will get baptized. So she got baptized yesterday and it was awesome! The condition was that Elder Smith(the other elder Smith came from his area to baptize her mainly because he had taught the family like almost 2 years ago and they really liked him) so it was a great experience for everyone. We ate together afterwards and had hilarious conversations with them.
Also if you remember Janet the young woman convert she invited us to teach her best friend and her family who are about as cool as she is and they came to church. And the investigator signed up for EFY. Working with the new converts works.  A lot of times they share the Gospel more than the older members who have years of stagnant activity in the church.   So the investigators name is Venessa an she wants to get in the water too. Her family is progressing but not as fast..but they will get there.
Nancy..was ready for baptism and the night before she got super sick and had to go to the hospital and was there for a time. We couldn't contact. Her phone wasn't working or on i don't know, but this week we will go again with her because she is one of the most humble, obedient people i have met in Mexico.  She reminded me SO much of someone i had taught before in my mission..and recently i realized that she is almost exactly like Marlene..a convert from my frst ward. They act and talk the same. 
con lopezito i love this guy ;D
Mercedes keeps attending church! And she was our food appointment Friday and made us these big chiles filled with meat and cheese..super authentic and delicious! Right now we are trying to get these converts to the temple. And what is the major barrier? That's ugh i wish i was made of money i could temporally solve our problems with progression.
Also in the baptismal service my companion and i sang a rendition of Rock of Ages that he LOVES and listens to every single day haha. If anyone has seen face to face with Elder Holland it was like the Rock of Ages that the two guys sing. It turned out pretty well i was surprised the members liked it..and i could tell in wasn't insincere either it turned out great.

Love to all!
Elder Smith

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