Monday, May 9, 2016

There is a popsicle type thing made here in Reynosa called a bollo.

There is a popsicle type thing made here in Reynosa called a bollo. i LOVE bollos haha they make them with fruit or yogurt and they are frozen..and i cant get enough of them right. So Mercedes, our recent convert, who always makes us food when we go..prepared everything to teach us how to make bollos. they were fun and super easy. and now we have them in our own freezer :D

Hmmm well to start off i will just say that i dont want this letter to be too long because tomorrow i will be talking with the family. So my apologies for briefness. 

This week there were transfers and there are quite a few new faces in the zone. but like 3 of them are going home this month or the following so we are just trying to energize and keep everything and everyone alive.

As of late..we are finding new people to teach..but we are also doing other things like visit other areas and go to meetings and we are seeing that what we need is to take advantage of the time we have working..which isnt all that much. 

Mercedes also is now on the food list! We eat with her every other friday! It is great because we get to see and visit her and do the retention more effectively now. We were excited for that. Frida and Mercedes are going to to be interviewed tuesday for temple stay tuned for that..and i also realized that my recommend expires next month. Which is aright because i wanted to see and chat with President Morales before he leaves

We talked about raising the bar in a leadership meeting last week. We were taught that to reach and accomplish things we must set high goals and challenge ourselves with what may appear difficult or even impossible. We raised everything to be able to break into the 200s this month..and so far we are doing alright. We still have much to do the mission.

Thanks for all your prayers and support! Adios!

Elder Smith

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