Monday, April 25, 2016

Frida is my hero. She learns faster than literally anyone I have met in Mexico.

This week was quite eventful. Tuesday we started off in the morning doing service for a sister Ziola that always helps us out with cutting our hair and food. We shoveled and moved like 3 large mounds of earth in wheelbarrows to the back of her house to raise the level of the earth so it stopped flooding. It was great to work actually work. I hadn't done physical labor like that in so long. It reminded me of work from before the mission.
Later that night we went with the family of Frida, a new investigator. We had to go at 8:00 pm because Frida and her mom work until late. And they live far away, but it was worth it. We had to wait for the bus a little before, but we had no idea which bus to take because there were 3 different buses to go to that part of the city. We just knew it had to be one of the three. So the first one that passes by we wave down, and it doesn't stop. It had people and space for us and it didn't stop, which never happens because they obviously want all the passengers (aka money) they can get. So it flies by and my companion and I are like - what?  Then a thought came to me that maybe we weren't suppose to take that bus and for that reason it didn't stop. Another bus passes by 10 minutes later and we get on. We get on and see that on the bus is the mom of Frida, who is on her way to her house. After arriving we came to realize that we had no idea where their house was at, nor how to arrive. So with her mom's help, we arrive and teach about the Restoration. Not all of it is accepted at first, but she did accept the invitation to read and pray.   
We left feeling good but without a baptismal date. Thursday we change the plan to teach just Frida in the church building to have a better influence of the Spirit. We invited a member her age..and taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Frida understood super well and had read and prayed but hadn't felt anything. The lesson went well and a testimony of the member helped us out a ton. While mediatating and praying about how to help our investiators my companion and I felt the same thing. Why hadn't we invited Frida to be baptized during that lesson in the church? After more planning we decided to call her and talk. We called her Friday and asked her if she had read in the Book of Mormon, and she had.  And she had prayed and felt that what we had shared was true. Over the phone we asked her if she wanted to be baptized Sunday night. To my joy, and truth be told surprise, she said yes instantly! We got pumped and prepared the service.  We went over some things with her and she expressed to us some special experiences that she felt and had. She also expresed how badly she wants to serve as a missionary after a year of being a member. I was blown away.  It was like a 360 degree change and the best part was, we literally didn't have to do anything. God made everything possible and all we had to do was invite. The experience and baptismal service was excellent. And her mom made cake that was to die for afterward. Frida is my hero. She learns faster than literally anyone i have met in Mexico.

Other than that, we did another service project carrying dried cement and rocks to the second story of a member's house. I have learned here that I miss normal clothes!

Love to all and as we start May, let's all commit ourselves to be more worthy and pure individuals! Have an excellent week!

Elder Smith

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