Monday, April 18, 2016

Sister Mercedes baptism

The week started out great! We first visited Sister Mercedes to see how she had done in the weekend not drinking coffee and such. And she had kept it up! And her head pain hadn't come back and she was on day 5 or 6 with not drinking any coffee. So we talked to her about her baptism being for Saturday..and she said that she was ready and wanted to do it! It was great! 
So Friday we scheduled the baptism after an activity for the Relief Society, where they were going to make banana pie. In the activity though, Mercedes couldn't participate because she is allergic to wheat..not just eating it but being close to it, too. She cooks with corn mainly for that reason. For the sacrament she has to eat a different bread. The activity ends, and the service was beautiful. I had the pleasure of preforming the ordinance, although I prefer that members do it.  The sister only knows of other sisters from the Relief Society.  The water was quite cold, but we got it done. The church maintenance has put new locks on the font doors in almost all the city. and we had a fun time trying to clean and fill the font walking and balancing on only the handrails haha. The confirmation was also interesting. I was seated by the piano in the front and the sister hadn't arrived.  I was worried and then more worried because the time came and the bishop announced that the sister was going to get confirmed. And I was about to stand up to tell him she hadn't arrived when she passed by me and tapped my shoulder to help with the confirmation. So that was that! Also, we ate dinner in her house and found out that she used to work in a chicken slaughter house place where they paid her for every chicken that she ''prepared.'' She said they searched more efficient ways to process the chicken faster right..and that she pumped out like 300 chickens daily!

Other than that..we had a miracle in the Church - a new investigator that arrived in high heels and has to measure like 6 foot 3 inches tall.  It is crazy because I haven't met someone, a woman I mean, that tall here in Mexico!

Love to all! Thanks for your gifts and for your prayers! We certainly feel them as i hope you feel mine :D

Elder Smith

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