Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter in the field (John 13)

The best moment for me was during a baptismal interview with an investigator from another companionship of elders whose name is Martin. He was just so awesome, and he has had many trials and he stays humble and obedient. Like he had to run away from his house from another state.  And he is working and his wife just had his second child. His oldest child is like 3 or 4 and has to recieve open heart surgery amongst other things. 

But I could sincerely feel the Spirit while talking to him and hearing his testimony.
This week was special also because of Easter. The only lame part was a lot of churches going absolutely nuts in our area, screaming and yelling and praying who knows what. But we got to think and study about John 13 and what really happened when the Saviour instituted the Sacrament. In church the theme was the Atonement and that was great for the investigators. 

We are also going to try to help the ward divide because things haven't gone perfectly in the ward as far as the attendance is concerned and activity. So President has asked us 6 elders in the ward to go to the Bishop and work with him more to figure out and accomplish fixing the problems.

I have been enjoying studying the Book of Mormon more thoroughly, going to references and such. There is so much more to be learned!
Love to all and congrats to my cousins coming back from the mission and the ones getting married too, haha!

Elder Smith

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