Monday, March 7, 2016

New companion Elder Alvarado

Well i wish i had more to write for this week. I will write what i can. 

We had an awesome leadership meeting this past Wednesday in which President Morales showed us how the mission is doing.  It suffice to say the Lord is blessing us!  I enjoyed the capciation a lot and i got to leave with my new companion Elder Alvarado.  He is almost 21 (this month..birthday ideas anyone?) and is from Durango, cloe to Torreón Mexico. He also has 3 siblings and all of them served the mission so he is the fourth and the last. He has an awesome camera too, it plays videos from the church and he thinks it is the envy of the zone..
We found quite a bit of new people. But the struggle is that we couldn't get many to come to church. Truth be told all we had Sunday was a young man that lives close to a great family. His name is Efraín and his dad drinks daily and the little guy likes to play soccer and talk to us. I hope we can help him early on in his youth.
The pictures are lacking this week. I am going to make a goal to take 1 picture a day at least. and they can't be selfies haha 

I have been studying in Ether recently and the whole book is just a simple example of the blessings of obedience. It never pays off to work in secret, or darkness, or to allow yourself to succumb to pride. And life is just to precious to spend miserable. I understand that there are moments of trial, and sorrow. But everytime i think of what Christ has done for us and what he expects of us.  I find strength to get back on my feet and moving forward in the right direction.

May God bless you.

Elder Smith

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