Monday, March 21, 2016

Jasmine - Am i able to get baptized?'

Well this week we had the opportunity of attending Stake Conference. It was quite marvillous because generally the investigator attendance isn't the highest because the stake center is further away etc. But as a zone, we did fairly well. We had 2 new people in attendance. 

Janet is the first new one she is 16 i believe i dont know much about her except that her (boy?) friend is also recieving the missionaries but in another ward. But she is super great and wants to learn and be a member and all those great desires.
The other is Jasmine, who, at the end of are lesson Sunday about the commandments, asked a missionaries favorite question, ''Am i able to get baptized?'' oh what a blessed question haha she is kid, so we have also had the support of her family with us helping a lot.
This week we also dedicated ourselves to working in other areas not our own. We have planned this week to be rich with success and we should have a great outcome this weekend. 

This Sunday there were 2 sessions of Stake Conference. The first was only a half hour where the 70 talked to just new converts. We worked to help all the wards converts attend that session.  He talked about the trials and problems that life throws us and how learning and living the Gospel helps us cope and learn from those things. In the general session they asked three people related to the missionary work to give their testimony. A sister that is waiting her call, an RM that got back last week, and the mother of a missionary in Tabasco Mexico. They all did great i could imagine my own mother as the sister gave her testimony of the blessings she has seen for her family and espcially her son while in this time of full time missionary service. 

After that President Morales talked and shared a story about when he was bishop at 25 years of age, his ward worked to get everyone to the temple in that time which was located in Mexico City and they had like 11 widows of like 70+ years of age. And how the ward worked together to endure the health and safety of the sisters so that they could get to the temple. afterwards the Monterrey temple president shared that if people felt impressed during the conference to go to the temple that they needed to do it now not the next time that the ward had a trip planned. The whole time i was contemplating i cant feel impressed to visit the temple now because i literally can't go so my feelings of wanting to go must have been personal desires different from an impression. I confused myself and thought it better to keep listening haha. Later on the 70 of the area talked about one thing, Offenses. Hahaha something that people for sure need to hear. He shared the Thomas B Marsh story and the Moroni to Pahoran one. It was a great talk. The stake president shared a story about how the bad guys hijacked his car on his way to a ward meeting and that they told him they were just going to borrow it and they would bring it right back. To his surprise they did haha. 
Oh and the Saturday seesion of conference someone asked the 70 a question that made the meeting last 15 extra minutes and then after the meeting on the way to their hotel the 70 and the stake president passed by and were detoured by a place that 15 minutes before had been shot up. He testified of the protection that the Lord gives us and our families for our obedience to his commandments.
Other funny note; the stake president made a joke during the sustainings of the general authorities of the church because they are hard to say for the latin tongue he said that it was like when the first presidency pronounces the Mexican 70s and such haha
Anyway that was the week hope to have more to report next week! 

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