Monday, March 14, 2016

My testimony was stregthened in that the Lord blesses those who search to bless the lives of others with a true intent.

This week held a few answers to prayers and strengths to my personal testimony.
First, Tuesday. I was in interchanges with Elder Uribe from the capital of mexico which is called D.F.. We found a a single mom who had also been prepared since before we arrived. As we talked about and explained Lesson 3, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, she explained to us that 2 years ago, she and her husband divorced and now he was nowhere in the picture. She was working at night 7 days a week and also trying to raise 2 kids. She began to break down and explain that she had lost all desire to go to a church and that she had lost her faith. It was obvious to us and later to her that God would not leave her completely alone and that it was time to get back on the straight and narrow path. 
After that lesson we talked to the wife of a less active member..and she is great!  But she and he live with her parents who are just lovely people(sarcasm). We went back the other day and before we said anything this guy (the father), who looks like he just downed a six pack of beer solo tells us ''I am catholic! Why are are you here bothering us!'' My companion responded..''it is a pleasure to meet you name is Elder Alvarado'' but this guy was just something else haha i wont explain what happened afterward.

That was Tuesday. Wednesday my companion and I left our area to go in divisions with another district. In this interchange, wow it rained and poured. A brother gave us a trash bag and we made white-trash ponchos so my books didn't get wet. In these divisions i went with Elder Wagner who is from(wait for it) Lehi Utah!! His uncle owns a local company that slices rock samples for large companies. Maybe someone at home knows this family, anyway he is a really cool elder i got along well with.  We visited a family of his that was baptized yesterday and we talked to her about the the baptismal date and signed forms and such work. 

Now i had given our cell phone to another companionship because niether i nor my companion were in our area and there were two elders that were just going to contact the whole day so i gave ours to them. But when we were switching back in the night time to be able to return home that companionshuip didnt get back in time. And it was raining and the buses stop passing after a certain time so we had to leave without the phone. The next day was hard without the communication of the phone. And we had to use other peoples' phones. A day later we decided to make the tiny trip back to the area of the other district to recuperate the phone. While we were waiting in the bus stop a man in his truck turned around after passing and got out and approached us. He told us that 8 months ago he had been in another city and that he gave missionaries rides and things and talked with them and since then hadnt been able to find missionaries because he worked a lot. He asked us to pass by the following day and he gave us his direction. Later on we get our phone and find out that the guy didnt live in our area just barely outside and in the area of Elder Wagner haha. 
So with a lack of enthusiasm as you can imagine we passed the reference on. And they went and wouldnt you know it,  the guy, his wife and two kids are all 100% gold and went to church like that (finger snap) at 8:00 am with the time change. The Lord really does put us where we need to be and sometimes things that happen that appear to be setbacks are for a greater purpose than the one we see with our limited vision.
Then Sunday the greatest blessing was that the family of the single mom came to churrch! And the members were good about helping them feel comfortable and all! Also a sister named Mercedes that we met and taught once friday arrived at church. My testimony was stregthened in that the Lord blesses those who search to bless the lives of others with a true intent.
As far as the mission life everything is normal, calm. Reynosa went a little crazy Sunday morning but that's what makes Reynosa special haha

Love to all!

Elder Smith

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