Monday, August 1, 2016

Lydia's family came to church! And Lidia didn't come alone this time!

Another week has come and gone. I felt like this week went by super fast as well. It could very well be for the time I have left though :/ Updates are the following...

It is getting even hotter, something I thought not possible. AND they say this week it will be even hotter, which is fine. Heat isn't that bad when you are working. But we had a minor/major emergency with the malfunctioning of our "air conditioning" but now it is up and running like a champ. The problem you ask? It was installed incorrectly. 

On to more important things. This week was excellent as far as people coming to the church, in all aspects. First, the other elders have been baptizing like machines. They reactivated an older lady who has a bunch of grandchildren who aren't members and the families are coming back as well! We have been involved, too, and gotten to know one of the families. 

And the icing on the cake for the week was Sunday. I had the opportunity to attend the baptismal service of Guiermo, Janeth`s brother. He is 16 years old and although I had already known him and come to learn that he is an excellent young man, it was an especially special day for his sister. She has always wanted her family to accept and live the Gospel, more than anything I feel like. She even shared in a testimony (during the baptismal service of Venessa) that she had fasted for that very reason. And that she knew her prayers were being answered because her best friend was getting baptized. And now, with the first step in her family taken, she is very excited. Anyway there was a lot of emotion during her testimony before the ordinance, and the Spirit was as present as I could ever remember it being in a baptismal service. I was so gald to be there. PLUS I got to see and converse with some old friedns from Juarez. Unfortunately, my camera was left in the church, and I have no pictures of it to send but next week I will be sure to.
 Liliana and her family..a recent convert. oh and sister of ani the reactivated that attended the temple! :D
Lydia's family came to church! And Lidia didn't come alone this time! But her daughter and two grandchildren came and loved it! And the best most unexpected but not really unexpected thing was her husband Rogelio came! And we talked to them about Chastity and Marraige and they are excited to get married! So we are going to get right on this aren't we? :D That is one special family, too. I can't wait for their baptism! :DD

Anyway, I need to make two shout outs.  Please put this in the blog, Dad, because it has come to my attention that people here in Mexico are finding out about this blog because it apparently shows up really high on Google when the mission's name is searched sooooo...

1. in spanish.. Yaneth y Vanesa!! Les mando saludos de mi blog jaja para que sepa y les admiro bastante y les deseo lo mejor en todo que hacen!! mi familia tambien se ponen muy contentos al leer de las experiencias y cuentas que hemos tenido asi es que gracias y sigan siendo mis heroínas!  

2: Elder Tilton is my brotha from anotha motha haha and I cant wait until he transfers to Provo ;D love you bebè

And that is all! Until next week, friends and family!

Elder Smith

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