Monday, July 25, 2016

EFY youth return to testify and inspire others

Well this week went by the fastest of all the weeks I believe. Some noteworthy things that occurred were..

We ate a lot of meat. The equivelent of American BBQ in Mexico in Carne a side  Basically beef grilled and served with spices and salsas. We ate it like 3 times this week which is rare. I was super happy though!

We found some great families to teach. In the same streets too we are calling those streets the "Gold Mine" for its production. 

Youth came back from EFY. Now this was special. I wish I had time to translate the letters and conversations with the convert youth. The testimonies that they did or didn't have grew tremendously. And that makes me so grateful that this is the Lord's Church. The members of it are so, so great. The leaders truly made it a life changing experience for the youth. That much was clear.  People here seem to appreciate the activities and Mutuals and like things because it is about the only trip any of them get to do, in their lives. They appreciate it more i feel like.
A painting in a members home..reminded me of our painting with the girl 
and piano and how mom felt bad for me and bought me a boy on the piano haha 
yay for equality! :D
Friday we go to fill up the font for the other elders and two elders are there from Janeths ward, Elder Skinner was one of them. I had told him literally the Sunday prior that he had to go find and teach Janeth's brother. And he did it, and he had already been to church twice!  And after church yesterday, Janeth wrote me that he came out of Priesthood and told her that he wanted to be baptized, and was sure about it. His service is Saturday, and I am going to attend :D

Lydia`s husband turned out to be - you guessed it! A heavy beer-drinker!! But the guy is actually really nice, and although he doesn't appear to be all that interested in church right now, he might just come around. And he wants to get married so we hope to get that to happen soon.

The monthly money we get was increased for August..from 1700 pesos to 2300 pesos. haha "just in time" I thought..

We also had an awesome experience with an inactive member of a convert family. They are 7 members, and for some reason the second oldest avoided us almost completely. And we go over there every couple of days to retain the oldest who was recently baptized. Anyway so she had just recently started to talk to us, but never commited herself to go to church or pray or anything. Then, Friday we are talking about her studies (she studies beauty or something like that) and we figured out that she needed something that we could do to help her pass an exam. I am being nonspecific for a wise purpose.  I will just have to explain it to you when i get home. But to make it a short story, her part of the deal was that she had to go to church. And she went! And what a Sunday to attend!  The Bishop delayed the programmed talks until next week., and had every one of the youth come and share their testimony and EFY experience. Also the counselors. And it was just fantastic!  I can't describe it.  These kids are sooo much better than I was I am convinced. Anyway so after the services, Ani( the inactive who attended) asked for an interview with the Bishop. And afterwards we found out that she went to go get her temple recommend so that she could go to the temple with her family in this next trip in August. That was special to witness. Her family is estatic as well :D

My time has ended here. Love to all and thanks for your support!

Elder Smith

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