Monday, August 15, 2016

Last post from the field. Returning home Friday, 19th of August, 2016.

Dear Family and Friends,
I have one last letter in me. This week was the week of weeks. One to never forget.
Wedding of Eufracio family
The most important thing is that.......drumroll....The Eufracio Family got married Friday!! And baptized an hour afterwards! 

We got to the Offices and the family wanted us to be witnesses. I figured being an American and all that I couldn't, but with my green card thing they let me! This was something I have desired for a long time now, the opportunity to baptize a complete family I mean. Lius the boy is a stud. He is super active in Church and motivates his family to attend.

Elidia was very content and happy to be married and even more after her baptism. I have been amazed at her progress, and that of her husband. Also, Sunday we baptized a daughter of their family, who was working Friday so she had her baptism Sunday. Also that was special.
I can't decribe how blessed I feel that the Lord has blessed me to be able to participate in these last conversions. It has been incredible.
visiting members: the one on the bed is super cool, and has lou gheraigs disease
Thanks to all who have been here for me. Thanks to my Mom and Dad, my sisters who have written me and loved me without fail. To Hallie, Elder Nelson, Arijit, David, Renny, and Schmeag who have also been by my side through it all. The various other family members and friends have supported me through these last two years. And obviously the amazing people that I have met in Mexico. I can't wait to see everyone :D

Elder Smith

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  1. Hello Elder Smith. Congratulations on a well served mission. My name is Esther Chidester. My son, Jacob, will be serving his mission in Reynosa! He leaves October 18th. We are from Utah and would like to talk to you about your mission. Please email my husband, Kregg, if that is something you would be willing to do. His email is Thank you!!!