Monday, June 6, 2016

TRANSFER - Well I am in Condesa Rio Bravo now. Rosi commits to baptism.

Well I am in Condesa Rio Bravo now. A quick recap for the week...
Cake that Vennessa and her family and Janeth made for us :D
First the Mission Mexico Reynosa finished the month of May with 253 convert baptisms!!  Which was so great that during the leadership meeting the Area presidency called us to congratulate! 
new district
So everyone is super excited and now the goal is 300, which we are hoping to accomplish before August. It has been amazing to see how much the mission has changed from since when I got here, when the mission baptized anywhere from 60 to 90 a month, then 100 to 120 and so on. 
This represents great progress and good goal setting to raise the bar, because once 100 is accomplished, no one saw it as impossible and it became expected instead of a distant dream. i am convinced that what I have seen in this mission can be applied in the life outside of the mission to make someone very successful.

Also, we videochatted with the new mission president. The change is going to be interesting, but he and his wife are super excited, so that is good.

Anyway, so the house I live in is two stories, and it is like one big house divided into two.  My companion Elder Wyatt and I live alone on one side.  Four other missionaries live on the other side. Elder Funez, who is an old companion of mine, Elder Funk, Elder Aguirre and Elder Rivero are the four. It is a fun group, I won't lie. The house is my first with a microwave!  And a bench press!!  Not that I am going to put either of those to very good use..haha!

There is a working gas stove and a gas tank that is ginormous. Upstairs we have another mini split, air conditioning YAYAH, and the bathroom has excellent water pressure. So, I really can't complain there haha. It is nice.

We played soccer today on a big court and that was super fun to run around. It felt good :D and in Rio Bravo I feel like everything is a little more relaxed, a little layed back. It isn't really a big "city".  Fun fact: the Rio Grande is called the Rio Bravo in Mexico, and we aren't even as close to the border as Reynosa is.

The attendance in church was a whopping 75 people. But there are some cool members. the Branch (that's right we are in a district) President is cool and his wife is even cooler. 

There wasn't a pianist sooo I took my spot on the bench. And apparently no member in Rio Bravo here knows how to play because they asked me to play in the district conference for next week (like stake conference).
The good news was that when Rosi (daughter of Martha, a convert from February) got news of my changes in Juarez she came to the church at night to say good bye and we talked and at the end she decided to get baptized this Saturday. 
Sadly, I couldn't be there in person but Elder Rodriguez sent me the photo :D
service project
Well, that was the week. I can't think of anything else. It is June and the sun isn't letting us forget either haha :D 

Thanks to all,

Elder Smith

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