Monday, June 13, 2016

General Conference...My favorite moment was getting to see the President´s counselor, President Gomez

Well i wish i could write more about this week..but time is short :/
I will share how AWESOME the district conference was though. My favorite moment was getting to see the President´s counselor, President Gomez who was our neighbor in my first area.  I hadn't seen him nor his wife in a long time and President Gomez asked me if I was eating well, because, I think, of the slight weight loss. His talks were sooo powerful though. He talked about sanctifying ourselves in the adult session. That session of conference is always my favorite because the speakers talk about things a bit more mature right. In the general session Pres Gomez shared a 1st hand description of the trials that the pioneer trekkers had in arriving to Utah. And how Brigham Young cancelled the General Conference to go get them. President told the congregation that it didn't matter if we pray every day, and read the scriptures every day, and attend church every week...if we weren't bringing people to the pioneers went to bring those fatigued saints to Utah. Basically it was a call to bring new families to the church and the in-actives. And it is true..Joesph Smith said after everything the missionary work was the most important. And I couldn't be more in agreement. It was a great last conference for President Morales too..he is the presiding authority of the District..and we are gonna miss him and his wife :(
I met a guy that lives in houston and serves in the peanut butter factory!
Anyways that was this week for the most part. Next week is going to be much more eventful I promise!

Elder Smith 
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