Monday, June 20, 2016

So we went to work and found a lot of great new investigators.

Okay. Well this week there is good news and bad news. The bad news is I did not take a single photo this week :/

The good news is that a lot of great things happened to write about! 

So we started off the work week and the truth is I was sick of going to the same neighborhoods because this area is a little smaller and there aren't a lot of new neighborhoods, so it is just hard to find people. Fortunatetly for us, Elder Funk, an elder in our branch was previously in the other branch that borders our northern division, and he remembered about a little section where they couldn't go when he was in the other branch.  What happens is that our division was thought to be a railroad track, but there is a section above the railroad tracks that is our area.  So we go and AW YEAH it was a colony that has like a year of existence and they are houses which are small and close by each other and in easier words - a missionary's tracting dream! So we went to work and found a lot of great new investigators. The challenge was getting them to church because the colony isn't all that close to the church building. But we were blessed as missionaries this week in that all of the 3 companionships had a family each in the church services. We had the Mendez family. Which consists of 55-ish year old sister, her daughter, and her 16 year old granddaughter. The husband didn't attend, but we are going to teach them together tomorrow to continue with their progress. Also, in that same colony the other elders are teaching a 23 year old girl named Norma who has been a miracle. We, Elder Wyatt and I, have been in a couple of lessons with her and know her well, too. So it has been special to see it all. She lives alone away from her family and was considering basically abandoning some goals that she had and leaving Rio Bravo. Her world was falling apart, and the missionaries arrived. And they began to teach and she was progressing. Then one morning they go to her house, and she is leaving the house to buy bus tickets to leave town. The whole thing has been crazy but to summarize, she has had some signs that she needs to get to know the Church. So she was consoled and brought to a ward activity and such and also she received a blessing, and she had dreams and such that her deceased father needed her to stay and go to church.  So she decided to stay and give church a try.  It has also been amazing to trust so much in the Spirit that we can basically be assured that if an investigator goes to church, that they will have a great experience. That goes for basically everyone - everyone I have seen and taught anyway. Moving on, Norma goes to church and decides to stay and wants to get baptized ASAP.  AND this morning she got a job that she needed desperately to be able to keep living and such. So seeing her faith has been a testimony builder for sure. The mission has so many experiences to witness. A friend wrote me that the mission has been like 10 years of maturity wrapped in to 2 years. Not sure if I feel like 30 yet haha but there is some truth in the statement.

Also, Elder Wyatt my companion is like getting married the month he gets back, to his high school girlfriend in October when he returns right. But this girl makes some fine cookies and sends him packages out the wazoo haha. So we devised a plan to get even MORE cookies hehehe. One of their favorite songs to sing together is A Whole New World so I printed it out and we recorded a version of that to send to her asking for cookies nonchalantly at the end hahaha. BTW -  Elder Wyatt can sing really well! 

So that was the week. Shout out to my Superdad for turning one year younger this last week! Love to all.

Elder Smith

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