Monday, January 25, 2016

...which is commitment everyone is afraid of at some point or another i believe.

Well the week was pretty much uneventful as far baptisms. We had two in the zone which were blessings because the sisters where on the edge of deciding and not deciding. As far as this week we have some serious potential. I am looking forward to the week of word. We will soon say goodbye to January haha.

There is a cool thing about Reynosa in that on the 14 of February they let anyone that wants to get married to it for free. The biggest challenge we face as missionaries is that a lot of couples don't get married like i have mentioned before. The thing is it cost like 200 bucks to get married so people use it as a pretext to not get married and have that commitment..which is commitment everyone is afraid of at some point or another i believe. So we are going to try to take advantage of valentines just might be better than last February, to be able to help others be together haha.

So Reynosa i thought was just prolonging winter..but no, nothing of the sort winter just lasted like a week..really a weekend i think. That..or last years winter was freakishly cold because it is hot outside right now, hot not like nice weather really for what it is like here in the summer.

This area is huge, we work in just a part. We have some families we are teaching, but it isnt sure that they want to progress right now. And i dont like explaining a family and such and than finding out the next lesson they dont want anything or are not going to progress. So stay tuned for investigators.

The one investigator that went for the second time is 18 year old who is so great! She participates in Gospel principals and she even told the bispohric she wants to go with the ward to Monterrey for the temple trip! Her only obstacle to baptism?? You got it! She isnt married with her husband! They call each other husband and wife here regardless of if it is legal or not. So her husband is inactive because he works Sundays. But we found Perla touching the door of her mother in law who was inactive but we invited them both to come and they are coming. So we just have to get them married i believe. Stay tuned for that as well.

S/O to my family, my growing family congrats to the McCain family for #babydos2  love yall!!

Elder Smith 

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