Monday, January 11, 2016

First week in the new ward of Juarez. New comp is Elder Ordoñez from Honduras.

Well this was the first week in the new ward of Juarez. I arrived and we had a conference with the president before the transfer. The mission was able to make its goal of 1200 converts and actually upped it by like 67 or something. This year the goal is 1600, which we can do. The thing is we have to start off good. But it is so cool to see how far we have come, and how the mission itself has learned so much and progressed constantly. It is a testament to me that planning and goals and learning over time really do work. You just have to be patient and diligent.
So I am with Elder Ordoñez from Honduras. But he is different than my past Honduran companions. He is relaxed, but also outgoing and involved with all the important things. He has more mission time put in than me, 19 months. So we both put our experience together. 

I got here and met an investigator named Elizabet. She had a baptismal date for this Saturday, but we finished the teaching and realized that she was ready and invited her to do it after church Sunday. And she did it! She is super special and has a pure desire to follow Jesus Christ. 

So this ward is waaaay different than past wards. First the number of people - 194.  A TON of people for a mexican ward for real. They are going to divide the ward supposedly here in March..but everything here is slow, so we will see...

 I have learned a lot in this week.  To update y'all, our apartment has hot water AND great water pressure, a combination more rare than an American in Reynosa (for missionary living quarters anyway).  We also have a MINISPLIT YEAHHH which is basically an efficient air or heating condition.  This will be a first!  And we are just 2 in the house so everything is calm. Our investigators are few but great!  Love you all. Have a great week!

Elder Smith

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