Monday, January 4, 2016

And I say to Elder Berry, "Well let's try our luck with the rich". - TRANSFERRED to Reynosa Juarez ward.

Well I have little time, but with what I have I will write. We started the week off well and everything. We found this one lady Tuesday who was a miracle. Elder Berry and I were striking out in a colony with houses that were very humble..which is usually good because the people are more humble. But we had almost no success and then in the middle of this street stood this large, out-of-place large, nice house. And I say to Elder Berry, "Well let's try our luck with the rich".  And wouldn't ya know it, Martha is her name, turned out to be just fantastic! She accepted everything and even said she was going to bring her family to church! Along with her, another family we are teaching are going to progress very soon. 

 In church a 9 year old investigator came and surprised us with the news that his father finally gave him permission to get baptized. So Saturday should be his baptism. SO great!
Wednesday it got coooold. And I mean cold! It changed dramatically. Thursday, New Years Eve we helped a sister make tamales and we relaxed with another great family to eat dinner. 

New Years Day we ate breakfast with some of my favorite members from this ward the Dominguez family. They made us pancakes with eggs and toast and an orange juice made from just the fruit that was amaaaazing! 

Then later we went to a missionary gathering FHE thing here in Matamoros. We ate hamburgers and talked with elders that I hadn't seen in a while.
So then Saturday came and we got the transfers. As I had imagined time here in Matamoros has come to a close. So many things i love here will be missed. The ice cold rain and 40 below degree weather will not be one of them...I hope it doesn't follow me haha!
I will miss a lot the people more than anything. The area, too, I love, but it is going to be fun to start over again! In Reynosa i am going to the Juarez ward! That is all the time I have!
My sisters should know that bucket heater has saved us and is the only reason we have been able to bathe ourselves here for the last 10 days - haha!  Love y'all!  And all!

Elder Smith

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