Monday, January 18, 2016

The story of Lizzie the newly baptized

We had a great week again! In our Zone we saw a lot of success and that was exciting! The only bad thing that really happened is a lot of Elders got sick, and Elder Cruz is again in my Zone! (the one who had to put a pacemaker in) and he was doing well but is in the hospital right now so he could use some collective faith. 

As far as my was super dusty here..we haven't had rain in weeks and weeks I suppose. We had a multi zone conference to start the year off and it was super great! We are going to help out more with the plan of the area of Mexico. We are going to verify and work more with the converts that we baptize to help them keep progressing and arrive at the Temple. The closest Temple here is Monterrey Nuevo Leon which is like 7 hours by bus. San Antonio is technically closer but not everyone has a visa so they stay in the country. As a mission we are doing well right now. We are looking to have a good month in January!
Now, the story of Lizzie the newly baptized. She is the 9 year old daughter of a convert family that got baptized like 10 months ago by Elder Eskaran from my MTC district. So in this family who live right next to the church the daughter is straight scared of water..and did NOT want to get baptized with her family. So she was dressed and ready and when she got close to water she started to scream and shout like the Beatles haha. Since then, many missionaries have gone for it trying, including the assistants of the President who came to baptize her (because she wants to, but her fears didnt allow her). So I want to give it a shot. And to make a long story short we had a quiet (not so much haha) baptism for her, and she was suuuper happy afterwards to be baptized and then later to be confirmed. Even her inactive father came to church to see the confirmation. Overcoming her fears was suuper hard though. We were there for about an half hour. But at the end she went down in the water. And I gave her a CTR ring like mine that she liked it and she put it on triumphantly! That was basically the week!

Love you all Adiós!

Elder Smith

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