Monday, January 26, 2015

No Pics... Just fruit...

Well this week wasnt too exciting..but i didnt write last week so maybe i can remeber stuff from then too. Well we had 4 investigators in church two sundays ago which was awesome. Then none of them were able to go because of family travels or work this past Sunday. We did have one investigator this sunday though. A 9 year old child. One of the ways we get baptisms is through less actives that have children that are over the age of 8. What we do is teach the family and try to reactivate them at the same time as we try to baptize the children. The child's parents are great people, they are both in wheelchairs and it is difficult to get them to church but we have his baptism planned for this friday. Only complication could be work for the mom but we will do it if it is in anyway possible. 
Other good investigators include these two sisters that live together. One has a husband. But the biggest challenge in mexico is getting people to get married. Because marriage(and divorce) are super expensive to do here so people dont do it even though they love each other. They just dont have the money so we have to scrounge up the money from the ward funds AND convince the investigators to help pay for it. It is super fun yeah haha, so one of the sisters needs to get married, the other needs to stop smoking. We have invited them to do both, we will see this week what happens...
Hmmm what more well my parents sent me a SWEET package that had clif bars galore. Also there is this one talk they sent by JR Holland entitled Safety for the Soul I believe. If you don't remember it or havent read it...go find it. He planchs  outta Book of Mormon haters. Planchs.. planchar is a word that means ´´grill´´ or to ´´burn´´ in english missionaries here use it a lot. Anyway he just says it all with such force it is great.
This week was espcially great in the fruit department. People gave me..many oranges and apples, a grapefruit, and a Cocoanut! You don't miss fruit til you don't have it. And I mean its way better here too sooo, I have pictures of the cocoanut it was pretty delicious, and better with lime supposedly.
My hair is super long but I can't find the time or the people to cut it haha.
Shoutout to my sister Kristi and brother inlaw michael AND the newest member of our family her baby girl Lucille Jane McCain. You won the terrenal-lottery Lucy, congrats;)
Thats all for this week really. Hope all is well and everyone is warm.
Elder Smith

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