Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My First Transfer In The Field

An interesting week to say the least. Tuesday and wednsday we worked to try to prepare the area because we knew that changes were going to come the following week. But mid-day wednsday we get a call from the Prez, and one of my trainers gets sent to Nuevo Laredo(9 hours away), the other trainee that was within our 4 at the house got shipped to Rio Bravo, and I got sent to a different area in the same zone. I left the next day(thursday) at 9:00 in the morning, so i had to pack real quick like and say goodbye to people. But the weird thing is that i am still in the same ward just an area like 15 minutes away from my old area. So i still see the same members and investigators every sunday. The real goodbyes will come later and those will stink. There are some really good people in our zone.
But my new area...is so big. it would take an hour and half maybe longer to walk the whole thing. It is comprised of 4 colonies, so we try to focus on one colony everyweek, but it is difficult because we have good investigators in almost all four colonies! And we need to visit them like every other day so it interesting we have to plan carefully and well. My companion is Elder Ramirez, he has 9 months on the mission, he is a good elder and works hard. We have done good things together these past 4 days i am proud of it. That being said i fully expect more success now that we are out of the begining. The poor guy is lactose intolerant and lots of people serve us milk here. He suffers on occasion. But it has been a real blessing to be here with him. My spanish gets a lot more practice without the temptation, or option really, to speak english. The food has been amazing here so far. My district leader is great. It feels great to be out of training, I get to do a lot more now it feels like being a missionary haha. Yeah I still love it down here in mexico. It is beautiful in its own way, and I would love the missionary work no matter what place.  And there is no feeling like being on a mission sharing hope, joy, and love.
I want to thank my family and friends for being the best people in the world and amaing examples to me and rest of the world.
A special thanks to the Ridds for their package..it was awesome and more needed than you guys can understand haha
Thanks to all the people that feed, give rides, and work with the missionaries in lessons because goodness we need it bad.
Our new house is just great. Its just me and an elder I can barely communicate with haha..but yeah so I remember back in october an elder telling me something. He said The winter here is SO cold. But its not like a utah cold its a different cold. It is so much harder.
I am here to tell you that it is cold. But it aint different at all. The only difference is the lack of heating devices in our homes. The first night was rough haha I had to use curtains for blankets haha because I forgot my blanket at the other house. I took my first bucket shower here. It is an experience I would not wish on my worst enemy. It is cold here haha but not for much longer I am enjoying it while it lasts, or at least trying to.
We have one family right now that I think will be baptized very soon so I am super super pumped for them and to prepare with them.
Hope every else is staying warm, love ya all.
Elder Smith

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