Monday, December 29, 2014

In the service of others...

Christmas!  What a week!  Our numbers are a little lower this week but hardly anyone wants to hear us with their families in town and what not. Plus a ton are gone. BUT Christmas day Elder Hughes and I found this couple macheting their back yard. There was a forest of plants and we worked for like an hour and then asked if we could share a message with them the following the day. There was a problem though. The wife insisted that we eat dinner with them, she made us food. And this family was not well off at all there was no way we could so no thank you right. The problem was that we had just had a huge Christmas lunch two hours before AND we had a big dinner with a member planned for that night like an hour and half later. So we ate her food. She asked us if we wanted seconds. We politely said that we really couldnt possibly eat more but thank you so much. She smiled at us and swiftly grabbed our plates and put another helping on. It was rough, real rough. But their generousity and kindness were signs to us of humility. So we invited there family of SIX to church and they were like Yeah! So we are like okay we will call you a ride from a member to come pick you up. Well in typical fashion of people that say they will go to church they neve come. BUT we see the wife after church in the street and she tells us they were dressed and waiting outside and no one came. That made me upset, real upset. Haha but they are super good and the best family we have found in a while. It was a testament to me that service always opens the doors to good oportunities. 
I got to talk to my wonderful family which was awesome. It was great to see them and talk. 
We ate way to much cake this past week with Christmas and a companions birthday..i havent eaten like this in a long time haha.
Not much more went on...except that the family of Geena(the one with the three daughters) finally came to church!  Like all four of them!  It was amazing they have like found serious desires now it is great. January could honestly be a really, really good month for us I am pumped.
Anyway I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have a happy new year.
Love you all

Elder Smith

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