Monday, January 12, 2015

First week in new area: Florida 1

Well the first week is over in Area: Florida 1. And the begining to everything is always challenging. I think back to the very begining of the mission(12 whoooole weeks ago haha yeah i know) and i dunno i just really, really enjoy being IN the mission not being a newbie. Or at least not a complete newbie haha. 
We Found some great families and people. Our numbers looked better than they have been and we had days with appointments for every single hour of the day which was so awesome. Contacting can be fun and all but ask any missionary teaching is having investigators is soo much less stressful and more satisfying. 
Mother nature likes to mess with us out here. This thursday she decided to turn the thermostat way the down into the 20´s. Not 32 Fareinheit...20´s. And that is negatives in celcius, which doesnt change the tempature it just makes it sound colder to me haha. I have never been so love with a metal box in my whole life. When i come home from 9 hours of being outside in freezing ice-like rain, and teaching inside houses with no insulation...and i see our little plug-into-the-outlet heater, all the stress melts away. I am going to take a picture of that thing for next week. The only commandment i am struggling with out here is number 2 because i think we have worshiped it a few times. Hopefully our idolatry is understood. So ladies and gentlemen, give your central heater system a hug today will ya?
We have people that i want to just say ´´yeah they are gonna get baptized without a doubt i know it!   because i do believe they will but literally things always come up it is just depends on if the investigator can handle it and if we help them enough. We try really hard we want to suceed in this area really bad. Thank you for all your prayers they are needed right now haha.
It was so cold one day they shut down the missionary work for 3 hours haha. None of these poor missionaries have winter clothes so we suffer for the month of january and then dread the summer heat to come haha. But i sincerely believe that the weather is a blessing. People see us in the street being murdered by the wind, cold, and rain and have pity on us and decide to hear our message. And once we get our opprotunity to teach the Spirit does the rest. 
This member has the COOLEST plaster figure of Obi Wan Kenobi from Episode 1 in his house. I sent the picture today of it, it is big and just so cool. If someone can find where that thing came from i would be eternally grateful.
A few investigators from my old area could get baptized this week that would be awesome i could possibly be able to go watch..or do! We will see what happens..
I love each and every one of you..hope all is well.

¡A special shout out to the Ridds for the ToneySacherys they makes my eggs in the morning perfecto bonicimo rico!
Elder Smith

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