Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 3 MTC - move and mock teaching with David Archuletta. Also my unit changed to #374 with the move.

I have been rightly corrected  for my misspelling of week in Spanish. S/O to andrew for that. But don't let that mistake make you think I'm not progressing because I am..even if it is slowly haha. I memorize a lot of phrases in English and then Spanish. Our teacher and PC programs teach us grammar and help teach us gospel principles and missionary/teaching skills. 

My companero and I are doing well with our two investigators. One has committed to baptism, but the other has thousands of doubts. With our handicapped communication abilities, it is sooo much harder to be able to teach all of a lesson. The only thing we can do is rely on the Spirit to help us and hope that the mock investigators have mercy on our horible spanish. They do though, help us a lot. It is gonna be so different when we hit actual mexico haha. This week we had a great devotional from this ex-pro bowler NFL/BYU player who had some great stories. 
General Conference is pretty different in the MTC. It was a really great experience and I learned a lot. The district is moving to Main campus tomorrow so we have to pack tonight, which will be super fun. 
Oh I almost forgot! Our district got to do TRC,  "teaching" investigator, to David Archuletta. That was pretty cool he is singing in the new movie movie meet the mormons which apparently we're not allowed to watch haha. 
The food here is still the same, which isn't too bad but I am really looking forward to the food in Mexico.
Not much else to tell, except in less than three weeks I'll be out of the country. Somewhat frightening to me. I am super excited though.

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