Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 5 MTC - Spanish, Soccer, and Pro-Bowler Chad Lewis

And a wonderful week it has been. I am four short phrases from having the lesson 1 phrases and vocab memorized. It really helps with learning Spanish to have sentences memorized that you know are written correctly. I have other stuff to memorize in Spanish as well, which is tough. Because first you have to know what it means in English, plus you don't know how every word sounds so that is difficult kinda. But I have D&C Section 4(halfway done with that), our purpose, first vision, and baptismal invitation. Those aren't to long though. We had some really great lessons this week. We have made some good progression with our mock investigators. The surety of getting on a plane in less than week to Mexico is only slightly frightening. We have to be at the office at 2:30 AM, and we don't get to Reynosa until 6:00PM. So that's gonna be a long day for sure.
Gym time is a wonderful time. When our district decided to play soccer I was a little irked because I wanted to ball. I was wrong though soccer is the bomb. There are some elders here who are just so good haha. The goals are like 6th grader size, and it is still so much fun.
We went to the temple today which was great. A long wait though there are a lot of people in there.
The MTC mystery sickness made her way to our room this week. So that has been really fun.
The devotional this week was really great his name was Chad Lewis. He played for BYU and a pro-bowler on the eagles. He had cool stories about Andy Reid and how Reid used a conference talk one time during an emotional team meeting.
It is crazy to think we will be south of the border so soon with our limited lingual knowledge. But I know that our lackings will be compensated for. 

I love you all and keep you in my prayers!

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