Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 2 MTC - Semaña dos

Week two, wow it really does feel like it is flying by. I've learned more, grown more, but still go to the exact same place every minute of every day. Which I don't really mind haha. Last week we went to the Provo temple after emails. It was really great, and it is crazy how well people treat the missionaries. One of the workers we were talking to said straight up that in his opinion Reynosa was the best place we could be. Not that I believe there is a best mission haha but I am so excited for that area I really am. Tuesday Elder Ballard gave the devotional. My district wanted to sing in the choir for the tuesday devotional. So we got on a bus to main campus(We spanish speakers live 5 minutes away from the MTC) 3 hours early. We had to sprint to get in line for the chance to sing(they only let 150 people in. Luckily we got in and got to practice Joesph's First Prayer, and got to sing for the devotional. It was really cool. The best news came on Friday however. My visa went through!! And, I only have to take the train down to SL this morning instead of flying to Vegas like some other people I have talked to. Myself and another elder are going together. It is a huge relief, it sucks everyone else in the district still has to wait and worry though. Class is not 4 hours a day with a teacher and two investigators. Brother Johnston and Pliler. They are both really amazing people, and fantastic at acting as investigators. 

My companion ships out today to the Guatemala MTC. Which means I have to move to a different room for a week, only to move to main campus the 8th. Lame. My new companion is Elder Tilton. He is a cool guy, kinda crazy though haha. I am still keeping up with my studies, and readings. I get all your letters so I want to thank you for them. It is cool to be able to read during the week. Spanish is getting better, although it is not even a medium speed process. I enjoy it though it is fun to me. Brother Pliler, who was our investigator for the first week, is four months off his mission. The guy is minoring in jazz music of something, he plays the piano ridiculously. And he is studying to be a neurosurgeon, and he is a total bro with us. He has this CTR ring that looks super worn and gold it just looks sweet. One of our elder's mother sent all of our district new Spanish ctr rings. So I decided I'm going to wear mine until it looks like his. I gotta take some pictures of them, and more things. I just am in a rush this tuesday. 

Let me now try to describe my district...
Elder Fillmore-my companion leaving today. He is the best possible roommate, clean and on time always. But he says some real stupid things sometimes. And by stupid I mean it makes no sense
Elder Tilton-He loves basketball and sports. Sometimes it seems as if that's all he cares about haha. I kid he is a smart guy, and from Laredo, literally half a mile from the border and he worked checking trains on the border so he has crazy information and stories.
Elder Matheny- From Georgia with a southern accent that is great. Really good at golf. Small huy but hilarious. Probably the only one that I can just chill with and joke with
Elder Brenamen-ohhhhh elder brenamen. He is the Canadian and we remind him of that alot. He has national pride yessir. He is fairly loud and loves to be right.

Elder Shipp-The tall guy if you have seen the group pic. He is so awesome. He is from Oakland and  he's a convert. He is just hilarious some of the stuff he says.

Elder Eskaran- He is a native hawiaan which I don't think I have ever met really. He is the nicest guy you'll ever meet, and he really, really loves his family

Elder Smith-Yeah two smiths in the district can get confusing, but he is a cool guy. He is smart, and from Park City. 

And elder Baker- Our district leader, he is from a town of like population 20 in Wyoming. He is, well..he's yolked. He bailed hay and the guy is buff.
That's the elders, and I wouldn't be in any other district. 

I love hearing from everyone and I hope everyone is doing great!

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