Monday, October 19, 2015

Our biggest challenge is finding people that are ready to do things now.

I wish I had a lot to write this week, but I will write what I can remember...

First, everyone here (being close to the border) just does American things or traditions, apparently - Halloween being one of them. Now I got to Mexico last year like October 30th or something like that but I don't remember at all if the kids went trick or treating. They say in some parts they do but who knows. Knocking on doors is going to be interesting I assume...

A lot of people hate Halloween here because accordingly it is a day to honor witches and black magic and supernatural suggestively-evil things. So we started to talk about the origin of Halloween one night when we had to go to the apartment early because of the condition of the city. And while on the roof our conversation took a turn to the stars and other worlds and other beings and 2 of my companions are now convinced that they want to study astronomy hahaha. The stars have one gorgeous effect, eh?

We searched out some less active people this week. We found one who now has joined another church and has tried to repress her baptismal covenants and church activity from before...which was humorous to see but sad to think about. 

We found a store where an older man buys food from Brownsville, the McAllen of Matamoros, and sells it here. I just about had a heart attack seeing and buying Frosted Mini Wheats for the first time in what seemed like a lifetime.

We found various families this week..but just weren't able to accomplish what we needed to with them. Our biggest challenge is finding people that are ready to do things now. I don't like learning patience - ha ha.

Much love to my family for all their prayers and gifts! I can't imagine being on the mission alone without you all holding me up!

Elder Smith

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