Tuesday, October 6, 2015

General Conference this week, old companion and those searching for the truth

This week just flew by with Conference. I like to call Conference weekend the missionary vacation because it is the only 2 days of just not doing very much but sitting.

We are currently teaching Maria, who is the mother of a recent convert and very good! Her challenge is that she, like every other Mexican with Catholic roots, has and likes the idols. Which are like the Virgin Mary and the Saints and she has pictures and figures and so forth. We just have to help her understand that we only serve and adore one God.

Another investigator is Anita, who came to the Conference! She is..well, we just don't see her enough. The problem with her is she is a successful, independent business woman and she doesn't want anyone, not even representatives of Jesus Christ, inviting her to get baptized on a specific date. So that is frustrating.

We have one family that could be gold..we just need to meet the father. We have changed some of the ways that we work..to save time and work better. One of my curent zone leaders is from Mexico City but went to BYU before the mission. Apart from being a cool guy, he is a great leader. He always seems to pull out new ideas and creative useful concepts and ideas. So I am learning a lot from my leaders.

Our bishop was released. The new bishop is ready and excited to work. We will soon have a mission leader and Gospel Principles teacher so..I am pumped!

We made a HUGE breakfest this morning before our meeting:  pancakes and eggs and bacon. the bacon disappeared in seconds haha. But we used the cooking as an example of teamwork and how we need to work better as a zone. This week we are going to go, all 14 of us, to each area and just do contacting for a whole afternoon. Should be fun!

My old comp that I trained got transfered to my Zone!!! It was so cool to see him!! And fun to talk about our old times (from 3 months ago - haha) and the converts. I am happy to say that ALL of the converts from Reynosa are still active and David is now the leader of the young single adults. I was so happy to hear that.  However, Antonia has some serious health challenges that prevent her from attending church, I believe.

Anyway that was the week.  I am happy, healthy, and hungry for convert families, and I love you all. Thanks for all the support and prayers!!

Elder Smith

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