Monday, October 12, 2015

I was praying and begging for a miracle...

This week we had some trials that made us lose some time to proselyte. For example, Friday we saw heavy rain and had to go to the house for the evening because the streets  convert to flowing rivers. Sunday after church we had to go to the house for safety reasons. But on the other days we talked to a lot of people. We didn't teach as many people as we would like, but I am happy, mainly because we get another week starting tomorrow. 

Anita is having challenges. Someone at her work made awful accusations about the member and co-worker who invited her to church. And if that wasn't enough, her son is going to a different church so she thinks it would be better to just go where he goes so they will be unified. The son went to our ward once but with a bad spirit and chose not to join with his mother in attending after that. So we arrived at her house with these problems. Luckily, the Spirit beats all of those things and she went to church. But she is still not "ready" for baptism. The most frustrating part is that she won't even let us talk about baptism so we aren't really going to go there until she gets a little more "ready".

With our other investigators, I wasn't very confident in them coming to church, and as I anticipated they didn't. But the miracle was that i knew we had worked super hard and given it our all. So I knew there had to be a blessing. I was praying and begging for a miracle. And a member brought a family member that i didn't know so I feel very blessed for that. 

I finshed The Great Apostasy which I highly reccommend for anyone that wants to know why the Catholic church does all the things it does and what really happened in the Apostasy. I have read various books (gracias a mis padres :D) which teach me so much! I'm currently reading The Articles of Faith and a compilation of talks by Henry B Eyering which is awesome.

This week was also all about chile. in almost every food my companions and I had chile eating contests. There are these little chiles called chile del monte that are so so so spicy for being so tiny. We laughed, suffered, drank a lot of water and took some great videos. Sadly, I did not have my camera :(

Anyway that was my week.. here's to it being better starting tomorrow!

Elder Smith

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