Monday, March 16, 2015

Baptism of Marlegne

Well this friday was great. We had interchanges. And my former companion(my district leader now) came with me for a day. And acual companion(american from utah) is young. He didnt really get trained and needs help to learn the lessons. Not really my strength right now haha but im trying.

Anyway so Elder Ramirez(formar comp) had been teaching Marlegne for a month of two when he was here. But when she passed the interview tuesday we decided that friday we would be together to have a lesson with her and put a date...for the following day(saturday). She has been resistent to quick baptism..but we had scriptures, we had the Spirit, and it was just awesome when she finally said yes. So we had the baptism Saturday. Elder Ramirez, who is a really good friend now actually, hasnt had the chance to phsically baptize someone in his year here. And Marlegene said she wouldnt decide and that we should flip a coin haha. But, knowing that Elder Ramirez wanted to do it, we agreed to do the coin flip later in our house(without marlegne) and well, no coin was flipped haha i felt that was a little wrong. Elder Ramirez did ordinance, and it was an awesome moment.
Annnnd then Sunday. She goes up to get confirmed, the bishop says something to her and then points to me and tells me to come. So i gave the gift of the Holy Ghost for the first time which was a really, really cool experience.
Other investigators...sufficeth to say we are searching

. We can now touch doors haha which is grand.

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